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Blog Articles

Re-visiting International Women’s Day 2023

Let’s do a little re-cap of International Women’s Day 2023 because if you are anything like me, you felt the anticipation for it coming up but then it just passed by way too quickly. Which is, when yo...


Honouring the history of International Women‘s Day

Hi community,I hope you are all as excited as I am for tomorrow, which is International Women's day (IWD)!I wanted to share with you all a little bit of the history of how this day got established as ...


Want to Wake Up and Be Excited About Work Again?

Once in a while, if you find yourself saying that you are bored with work, maybe it’s time to look at what you want to do next. What’s the next big thing? What’s the next challenge? What’s the scaries...


SAP Women in Tech @ SAP Pop Up Factory

Our SAP Women in Tech Team got the opportunity to have a look inside our SAP Pop Up Factory which is part of our 4.0 Industry Center. We got to see digital production processed by our SAP systems. It ...


Same procedure as every year?

I don’t know about you, but 2022 certainly had some ups and downs. Many good things happening but also several setbacks and bad news. According to my grandma this is the natural way things go. If ther...


Girls Go Movie

"Tell me about your way into the IT sector" – This was the topic for a series of documentary movies produced by girls and young women as part of the annualy "Girls Go Movie" program. This year we were...


Welcoming our Male Allies

Research shows that women who feel acknowledged and respected by their male colleagues feel a higher level of inclusion and feel more enthusiastic working in typically male dominated fields. We have d...


Ready to join the #SAPFamily?

Partnerships can be the most fulfilling and rewarding thing in one’s life. And this holds equally true for the private and the professional kind. There is certainly no universal recipe to make a partn...


Insights: Women in Open Source

We need to animate more women to contribute to the open source world and join the community. Role models, mentorships and a female network can help women thrive in open source and help career developm...


Why we need Women in Tech

Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Katherine G. Johnson – all examples of female pioneers who revolutionized the tech industry. Without these women, the IT world would look very different today, yet for many...