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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!

Who are you?


Hi community,

It has been such a pleasure engaging with you over the last year, but one thing I realized is we have not yet had a chance to have a round of introductions! Better late than ever right?

I would love to know where you are from, where you work, why you joined our community page, and a random fun fact about you...I will go first..

My name is Sarah, my pronouns are they/them, I am from Tanzania in East Africa, I was raised there before moving to London to start my bachelor's degree and then later on moving to Germany to finish my studies. I am a Project Manager for the SAP Women in Tech team and a random fun fact about me is I train in the strongman and powerlifting sports..oh and I have 3 cats who are my world! 

Your turn....



Hi everyone! I am Selina and I work as a working student for SAP Women in Tech since last year. I just started my master studies in E-Learning and Media didactics. Also I am a photographer and happy to be part of our community and to listen to all of your interesting journeys and stories in the Tech branch.

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Thank you @sarahborda1  for this discussion.

I was born and raised in Nigeria before moving to the Netherlands for studies and later settling here in the Netherlands. I started my SAP journey recently and have been highly impressed with different kinds of support in this new career path. I'm currently on a learning journey that leads to certification via Digital Skills Initiatives. I'm happy to be part of the women in Tech community, and I look forward to reading more about women's stories in Tech.

Thank you for sharing! ❤️

You are welcome!

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Galactic 2
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Hey @sarahborda1 , appreciate this initiative 🙂

Hi every one,

I am Sravya and I am from Hyderabad, India. I am an SAP functional consultant, currently on the path to learn more about SAP digital transformation to progress my career.

Happy to be part of this group and looking forward to meet many more wonderful women. \

Cheers !!