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SAP Women in Tech Events

Thursday, June 9, 2022
SAP Women in Tech would like to invite you to a Young Africans in Tech session- "A Social Innovator’s Journey" with Leyla F Karaha. Leyla is the lead organiser of the Techstars Startup Weekend Women in Dublin and the Founder of YourYNerwork, a global community of social entrepreneurs and changemakers. She is currently working on a new social enterprise KPesa, which aims to empower women running micro and small businesses to scale their businesses by training them on financial literacy and providing access to capital and markets. Leyla is a DCU graduate in Accounting and Finance, with experience working for different nonprofit organisations in Dublin, Ireland.  She also has an MA in International Relations and as a natural-born activist, one of Leyla’s pastimes is to promote International Trade Justice. What will be discussed in the session? In this session, we will hear about how Leyla went from attending her first Techstars Startup Weekend Dublin event in March 2019 where she ended up winning third place, to organizing networking events for Social Entrepreneurs and Changemakers, to later becoming a Techstars Community All-Star in 2022.  It’s all about finding your “Y”. Leyla will share how she is using her journey and the Techstars platform to inspire more women to start working on their startup ideas and overcome their fear. Would you like to get some tips on how to stay resilient while pursuing your dream? Then make sure to join this session! The event is open to all. There will be a Q&A segment in this session so get your questions ready! Date: June 9, 2022 Time: 4:00-5:00 PM CEST Register for the session here!
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Friday, July 8, 2022
SAP Women in Tech would like to invite you to a  Young Africans In Tech  session- "Together we rise!" with  Juliet Shali Shambi . Juliet Shali is a senior Solution Advisor at SAP SE, responsible for customer success, growth, and adoption of SAP Human Experience Management (HXM) solutions in Africa. As a seasoned professional with more than 11 years of HR technology experience, Juliet is known for helping organizations redefine employee experiences, drive business transformation and thrive in the experience economy. She is passionate about the people and processes, with in-depth expertise in all relevant processes including, Talent Management & Development, and Employee Experience. She regularly presents and demonstrates cloud migration strategies with SAP SuccessFactors HXM solutions at various conferences and webinars regionally.  In 2019, Juliet was voted one of the most inspiring women in Tech in Coast province in Kenya. She dedicates her extracurricular activities to driving Diversity and Inclusion, primarily for young professional women in tech.  What will be discussed in the session? It wasn’t until Juliet had landed in Europe that she realized that aside from her educational experience, something was missing. A mentor. Years later, she came into tech as a coincidence with no mentorship, no guidance, and with no extraordinary expectations. As a young professional, she had to navigate through the deep tech waters without a compass but with the drive to succeed. Today her legacy as a Woman in Tech is to be known for building bridges and lifting others up. She thrives on empowering and raising the leaders of tomorrow, after all, what is life without the thrill of giving back? Juliet will share with us her journey, struggles, and achievements with the hopes of inspiring others to take a risk and never give up. We would also love to hear your stories! So get your microphones ready and we welcome you to share your experiences and journeys with us in this session, as well as have an open conversation with Juliet and ask her any questions you may have. Juliet is also one of our mentors for the   Young Africans In Tech program, so join the session to hear her story, and if you are inspired, become her mentee! The event is open to all. Date: July 8, 2022 Time: 10:00-11:00 AM CEST Register for the session here!
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