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Upcoming Improvements in the Initial S-User Onboarding Process

Published on ‎11-13-2022 12:31 PM by Employee

Today, for new customers the first s-user administrator is identified early in the sales process. Then, during the order booking process, the s-user is created and the user information is provided to the customer. Also, if the order is for a cloud product, the information about provisioning and using the cloud product is sent to that administrator. SAP has found that there are many cases where the first s-user is not correctly identified and the post-sale experience has extra, time-consuming steps. SAP is changing this process to allow customers to securely self-select the s-user administrator. Instead of creating an initial s-user, SAP will provide a User Onboarding Token that can be used by the customer on a secure website to pick the initial s-user administrator. This presentation will show the improved process and highlight the improvements from a customer’s point of view.

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