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Upcoming Improvements in the Initial S-User Onboarding Process

User Groups

Today, for new customers the first s-user administrator is identified early in the sales process. Then, during the order booking process, the s-user is created and the user information is provided to the customer. Also, if the order is for a cloud product, the information about provisioning and using the cloud product is sent to that administrator. SAP has found that there are many cases where the first s-user is not correctly identified and the post-sale experience has extra, time-consuming steps. SAP is changing this process to allow customers to securely self-select the s-user administrator. Instead of creating an initial s-user, SAP will provide a User Onboarding Token that can be used by the customer on a secure website to pick the initial s-user administrator. This presentation will show the improved process and highlight the improvements from a customer’s point of view.

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Hi Team, 

this is maybe a question for Michael Kercsmar. 

@michael this was really an interesting Webinar and good to see that SAP is investing efforts to improve the process. My question is will this new Token block the provisioning mails (which containing  product related Access Codes, User Credentials etc.) until the token is really used? Or can it happen that provisioning mails are still sendet out to the Contact Person IT? I would assume if the token is used before the contract will be signed, then the Provisioning Emails will be routet to the correct Admin, but if the token is used after the contract singing, the provisioning mail will be sendet out automatically to the Contac Person IT which is listet in the contract by the sales team. Maybe you can give some clarity on this and I hope I don't miss the part in your Video.