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SAP Community Log-in Update
In a few months, SAP Community will switch to SAP Universal ID as the only option to login. Don’t wait, create your SAP Universal ID now! If you have multiple S- or P- accounts, use the Consolidation Tool to merge your content. Get started with SAP Universal ID now!

Update on SAP Universal ID – Your ONE Identity for Life!

User Groups

SAP is very aware of the login complexity in managing multiple SAP accounts and passwords. To improve this experience SAP Universal ID was introduced. SAP Universal ID is a single unified account across SAP sites that puts the user in control by linking all existing company associations (S-user IDs) and provides the ability to switch seamlessly between them as needed. By the beginning of 2023, users will need to link all new and existing S-users to an SAP Universal ID so that there will be no stand-alone S-users. The S-user will be utilized as an entitlement under the SAP Universal ID.

SAP Universal ID creation is easy: Three steps, two minutes, done!   

Join us for this informational session and learn why it is so important to migrate to SAP Universal ID today!

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Stellar 2
Stellar 2

I have S-User which I got after I got my first SAP certificate on 2012 (it was mentioned in the certificate), I have been using it for 9 to 10 years and all my certificates have taken with that user. But suddenly I received an email that my  S-user will be no longer available and I need to contact my company admin (the company which I was working for when I got my first certificate). How I get my old certificates with my new universal ID

Stellar 2
Stellar 2

my old S-User was already linked to my personal ID but surprised that SAP asked to get connected with my company admin