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Users are facing issue with trainings that are launched in Scorm post 22nd July this year. Is any of you encountered such cases?
Dear Team,We were doing the new course home testing for 2023, and found New CourseHome Registration for a course, 'Register Now' button is missing. Hence we are not able to register. If this is a feature mandatorily applicable for new CourseHome then...
Dears,Did you notice the change in font for the Home page of VSAAS system in QAS and Sandbox environment?Let us know if you see anything.Thanks,Shreetama
Hello,May I ask when 1H_2023_Learning_Config_Workbook which is LMS Configuration Workbook template for VSAAS is planned to be released, please?As part of the Annual Release process, as a validated customer we are obliged to transition to the new temp...
Dear Team,Can you please help with the annual release notes information of this year 2023 for the Validated Learning System?Thanks,Shreetama
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