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Hi Experts,Im not sure if is possible to add fields in the search employee filters section at the moment you are about to send a form for feedback or create a new step on the route map.Can it be done?  
Hi experts,I have a curious problem. Y have created several country admins. I undersand, with all necessary admin permissions.But when I launch forms (using proxy) with this admin the system send all the forms directly to de second step.The route map...
 Hi Experts,I was wondering if is possible to set some color to the header of the Employee information section so it dont stay gray.Can it be chandged?Thanks! 
Hi experts,Is it possible to create any notification or email to a group when a position becomes vacant and notify the position ID?If not, is there any work around?Thank you very much!
Hello Experts,I would like to know if it is possible to populate the information in the secondManager field with information from the Job Relationships section of EC. It is not necessarily the standard second manager relationship but rather there wou...
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