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Hello Coffee Corner FolksToday I would like to raise for discussion and sharing one of my most favourite topics:Which place you want to go for traveling and which activity you want to do with your someone special person in your life. (e.g. your best ...
Hello Coffee Corner Folks.Thanks to creator this group, but as per my point of view we are not 100% use of this group.Right now only 349 members of this group. So I request all we have to increase our group member as soon as possible.
Hello Coffee Corner Friends,Really this place is very good for the discussion and connection to our communityAgain thanks who create and develop this Coffee Corner Group.
Hello Coffee Corner folks,when was the first time you heard about or saw SAP in INDIA country because of I want to know when SAP introduce in INDIA country, can you recall those early carrier days of yours? Thanks in Advance.#INDIASAP