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sitwaw2022 presentation files

Hi,Here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15W8_kkJ72DzEdLgsATVlMxUpRZcO6dvW?usp=sharing you can find presentations from the last SAP Inside track in Warsaw:SAP Community and SAP Developers: the Status Update / Witalij RudnickiElectronic Invoici...

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SAP Community events in Warsaw

Hi,SITWAW it's not the only SAP Community event which will take place in Warsaw this year.The SAP Code Jam has been scheduled and it will take place a day before the SAP Inside Track. Check this post for more information: SAP CodeJam Warszawa: UI5 - ...

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Hello Everyone!

How are you doing?It's so beautiful day today in Warsaw. I'm still waiting for my vacation but I enjoy each and every sunny afternoon in the garden, usually working (watering, mowing)Are you back from your holiday or do you still waiting for you vaca...

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SAP Community in Warsaw

 SAP Community in Warsaw started in 2019 thanks to help and inspiration from Wrocław and Copenhagen.In 2019 we organized the SAP Inside Track, Warsaw hosted 2 SAP Code Jams and a few SAP Stammtisch meetings. Unfortunately the 3rd SAP Code Jam and the...

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Welcome to the the new SAP Community group Warsaw

  Welcome to Warsaw,You are in the right place, if you want to collaborate with the other SAP enthusiasts in the town as well as in Poland.Here you will find all information about SAP event which are going to happen in Warsaw but not only. We collabo...

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