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SAP Community Log-in Update
In a few months, SAP Community will switch to SAP Universal ID as the only option to login. Don’t wait, create your SAP Universal ID now! If you have multiple S- or P- accounts, use the Consolidation Tool to merge your content. Get started with SAP Universal ID now!
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New public Groups continue to be launched each month in the SAP Community. We are excited to share with you a list of recently launched Groups, please consider joining them to meet other members and learn more about the topics that most interest you.

Groups can be based on location, or an area of interest/ activity. An interesting Group that has been launched is the SAP CodeJam Group. This Group is the destination for event details and related links for SAP CodeJam events across the globe. It is a place to discuss any SAP CodeJam you attend and to get to know other members. Make sure to check out the Group if it interests you!

The newest location-based Groups that we have launched include:


If you have not seen your location (nearby city) then consider starting the Group yourself! There is a request and approval process, and you can contact us via to discuss the possibility of opening a location-based Group in your area with you.

Curious about what new Groups are popping up? Make sure to subscribe to the "New Groups Launched" label. Take time to ensure you are signed up as a member of the Welcome Corner and check that your notifications are on to receive the latest SAP Community News.

Which Group have you recently joined? Let us know in the comments!