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SAP Community - Where are you from?


SAP Community keeps growing and growing and I am super excited for this Welcome Corner as it gives the chance for not only new members but everyone to get to know one another and connect with each other.

As my colleague @Katherine_K gives an overall introduction to the Group and what you can expect from it in her blog post, I’d like to take the opportunity to start a discussion about the different locations represented in our global SAP Community. I am interested to read where you are located and where SAP Community is spread around the world.

I am from Germany and currently living in Wiesbaden, which is the capital of one of the sixteen German states located in the west. After years of studies and living in different places, my hometown has caught me again with its charm and the closeness to friends and family has won me over.

But now I am curious, where are you tuning in from?

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Hi .. I am from Gujarat, India. 


Hello,  I am Swanand from Capgemini.

Hi I am Madhusudan from Karnataka India and will be writing blogs about SAP products.

Hi, I am Karthik from India

Hi, I am Conrad. Originally from South Africa, but now I live in the Czech Republic. My primary topic of blogging will be on SAP ABAP. 


I am Ravikanth from Hyderabad India and here to exchange content and ideas on topics like SAP S/4 HANA FPSL, Bank Analyzer & Insurance Analyzer. And also, on topics related to architecture.

Thank you,

Hello @ravikanthb2204 welcome to SAP Community. Did you see already our Hyderabad Group? There is also an event, an SAP Inside Track coming up - this might be interesting for you. Read the whole post from @Ruthvik here:

It's really a great way to interact personally with community members from the same location! Check it out! 🙂 

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Hi, I am from India. Will be writing blogs related to SAPUI5 stuff! Excited to be part of the community.

Hello @sonalika_porwal welcome and great to meet you. I am Svea from the SAP Community Team based in Walldorf, Germany.
Where exactly in India are you from? We have already some location groups in India - check them out here:
The idea is to connect locally and share knowledge, network etc. Maybe you want to check it out. Don't forget to "subscribe" or "join" the group to get notifications about updates!


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I'm Adisheshasai I'm from india i will be writing blogs on SAP products

Hello all, I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands #WZAWZDB.

Working with SAP Business ByDesign for 7 years and since this year with S/4 HANA Public Cloud as consultant & project manager. And I have to say, see a lot of similarities between the products. 
Have a nice day.

Really cool @joostvanlankvel ! That's where I spent my last weekend 😌
There is an upcoming community event in September in Brussels. A bit further away but still, it might be interesting for you - here, you can find more about it: 
There is also a dedicated Brussels Group.

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Namaste to all

Hello from Kleve!

Nice to meet you.

HI!  My name is Adenike.

I'm from Lagos , NIgeria.

Welcome @Adenike !
Enjoy being part of SAP Community! You might want to check out some other groups like the Coffee Corner or the Career Corner.

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Hello I am Somsubhra, from Pune, India

Welcome to SAP Community @somsubhrasihi 

What are the topics you are interested in? To start in SAP Community I recommend to follow the tags of the topic of most interest - check them all out here:

Of course this Welcome Corner is quite interesting, too. If you want to get in contact with others on non-technical topics, you can check out the Coffee Corner. Whatever group is the most interesting one for you, don't forget to "join" or "subscribe" to the group so that you can get notifications about updates in the group! Enjoy!

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Hi, I am Chinmay from India and will be writing blogs on SAP CPI and SAP CI-DS.


I'm Harshit Jaiswal and from India.

Hi, I am Stefan from Munich.

Hi @StefanArtini and welcome to SAP Community. There are sometimes community events in Munich like an SAP Stammtisch. I recommend to subscribe to the respective SAP Stammtisch event board to get regular updates!

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Hi I am puneetc from India will be writing blogs on SAP products

Hi and welcome to SAP Community @puneetc 
Check out our local groups in the Indian region. Great opportunity to stay connected with local peers and get regular updates about local events! Don't forget to subscribe/to join the group to not miss notifications!

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Hi @aymsourki where are you from? I am Svea from the community team and I live in Germany, close to Mannheim. Nice to meet you and enjoy being part of our collaborative SAP Community. Groups like location groups are a great starting point here, as well as the Welcome Corner! Check them out and don't forget to subscribe to any group where you are interested in!

Join us for #GlobalRunningDay in June!

Hi Community,
I am Daiana from S/4Hana Cloud Brazil and will help our customer in Sales and Services Topics.

Hi, I am from India, and I will be writing about SAP BTP Integration suite related topics

Welcome @raihan_siddiqui we are looking forward to reading your blog posts about SAP BTP Integration Suite. 🙂

Make also sure you are going to subscribe to any local group in India, depending on where you are based. You can find them here:



Join us for #GlobalRunningDay in June!

@raihan_siddiqui this sounds great. Integration Suite is a great product! Best of luck!


I'm  Dinah Onyino from SAP Walldorf.

Hi @ganesh123 - where are you joining us from? 

Join us for Global Running Day in June!

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Good morning - I am joining you from Fairfax, Virginia, just outside Washington DC.  I live just outside the bustling Washington DC beltway.  It's super busy, traffic-wise and people-wise here but it is a beautiful area.  I am very fortunate to live close to 2 large airports, Washington Dulles and Ronald Reagan airport.  I am very fortunate too to walk to work, grocery store, drug store, hair salon - you name it.  Very unexpected in such a busy area.

I am originally from Kansas, just outside Kansas City, Missouri, which is well known for its excellent barbecue.  Kansas has far less traffic than Northern Virginia, so at times I miss it, and I miss my family who still live in Kansas City.

Plus now my home town of Kansas City is a FIFA 2026 host city - - never thought I'd see the day 🙂 


Hi all! I´m from Germany too. At the moment I´m living in Heidelberg 😊 @lenastodal & @lauraschmitz  Mannheim and Wiesbaden are lovely cities! I really like them both 🙌

Hi! Living in "HD-town" Heidelberg too! 🙂 It's famous for its old city center and castle and a real tourist attraction. Once finally constructed, it's quarter Bahnstadt is planned to be the world's biggest* housing estate for passive houses. So this town is definitely worth a visit! 


Hi, our group SAP Women in Tech - SAP Community Groups might be interesting to you. We'd love to welcome you to our community 😊

Hi Constance, our group SAP Women in Tech - SAP Community Groups might be interesting to you. We'd love to welcome you to our community 😊