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Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Did you know that… students from the Wrocław University of Economics have a chance to study also SAP? That’s right! 😊

For a long, long time there is a student association called SAPer (guess what stands this name) and alumni from that association are teaching other students for free. I am really happy that still this works so perfectly and every year SAPer produces new specialists. After one year maybe they are not Seniors with 7+ exp but still, this is an honest job for both sides.

You can think – what are they studying? In SAPer there are 3 groups:

  • FI (with Treasure flavor)
  • SD/MM
  • ABAP

In the past were also groups about HCM and BI, but with those 3 core groups, there are still enormous things to do.

Usually, every group has 15 students and a minimum of 1 leader (more often this is around 3). In each group, there is a bunch of mentors who are really happy that they can share their knowledge. After each year students from each group are starting their careers in several companies in the whole of Wrocław (but not only).

The number of companies, where SAPers work, is really huuuuge. Maybe WE ARE around out. Look closely and search for SAPers. But always you can join the family and teach your future colleagues from your work or meet a new friends – feel free what you choose.

If you are interested in what the SAPer association does please visit our fan page or reach us via e-mail.