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FIFA World Cup 2022

As we approach the biggest sporting event in the world, the FIFA world cup in November. I would like to see who is a soccer (football / futbol) fan and who are you cheering from if another country besides your own.

Favorite coffee?

Hi all!Today I was thinking about traveling and the amazing coffee I had on my last trip way back in 2019. My sister and I traveled from the US to four cities in Europe. We landed in Wroclaw then headed to Budapest from Budapest to Vienna, and Vienna...


SAP Video Creators

I've been making SAP video content since January 2018 on my YouTube channel. This is a very rewarding activity on both the personal and professional sides.This topic interests me a lot and I would like to share my experiences and learn from you! I ca...

agalal1 by Galactic 3
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SAP Press Book Authors' Club?

I'm sure there are others around who are also in the process of writing an SAP book or have already written one.I don't want to continue this path alone! We can help each other with the word template, ideas, questions, and even progress updates to mo...

agalal1 by Galactic 3
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SAP Cryptic Crossword Puzzle

I finally found time to create an SAP-related Cryptic Crossword puzzle -- not perfect, but a start. For one, the grid is not the usual grid, but I think the clues are pretty good.And even better, you can earn 1000 points toward your Devtoberfest cont...

grid.png games.png grid.png

Your favorite openSAP course

Hello,when I find the time I like to do courses on openSAP. For example, I really enjoyed the Digital Transformation Track (2019 Edition) where I also got a very good insight into future technologies by completing the courses: Leadership in Digital T...

Rise with SAP

When Rise with SAP very much focus to NRP, i still feel  systems like Ariba , Concur etc.. are still not matured enough to manage all the process capabilities exists in S4HANA. Any thoughts and experience to share?

Do you write blogs?

Hello Fellow Community members, I'm starting this discussion trail for anyone who wishes to share their blog link here can do so by commenting below. I'll put by blog's link in the first comment. Also, people who like reading can also feel free to co...

SAP Consultant Data

Hello Everyone, Is there any data source or site where we can find SAP Consultant Data like 1. How many SAP Consultants representing each country 2. In each country what are the number of Consultant representing various SAP module etc. 3. Any other d...

The best Movie Ever!

Hi Everyone,I had an interesting question from my son a few days ago and wanted to share:He asked what do you think is the best movie ever... My first response was without thinking TheGod Father..The Good the Bad and the Ugly and I think I kind of re...

User profile Email ID

Hello,I recently had an email exchange with SAP support team as I wanted to change the email ID in my SCN user profile. I have given my ex-employers email ID and as we can guess, I won't be able to access that email Inbox anymore.I am not getting any...

Can we have a do over?

In other words - If you had the chance to go back in time and change something - really anything what would it be?   Would you do it?So this was an open discussion at my house and in fact on facebook.   But I'll pose it to you...My answer was boring:...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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What's your hobby? What's your passion?

Hello everyone,Here's the definition for "Hobby" from Miriam-Webster's site:Small Old World FalconWhat a person does outside of his routine, especially for relaxation.In this post I would like to focus on the second definition When the kids were youn...

sweetpotato (1).jpg Hummus (2).jpg Falafel2 (1).jpg IMG_20220118_113237.jpg

Community SMP Minecraft Server

Fabric 1.18.2 Server (Java Edition) Using multiple Datapacks, crafting Tweaks and Resources from VanillaTweaks. As well as a custom resource pack. You can connect using the standard Vanilla Java client or you can use the Fabric Java client. Using th...


Elizabeth and Charles

In common with many people, I've been somewhat saddened by the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. She's been my Queen all my life and I'll miss her. But now I've a King! And there's a new Princess of Wales.The last 70 years have been refer...

matt by Galactic 3
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Wording challenge: Software Development

Hi,my colleague told me this morning that our CIO proclaimed, that we do no Software Development.'We are SAP Customers and only our consultants code. We just manage the applications.''Ok', I thought. And how are we supposed to get things going? Hmm, ...

Greetings, LEGO builders - part II

The new Coffee Corner obviously needs a new LEGO thread The big news in that department recently is that the largest set ever is no longer the Colosseum. The new number one is the Titanic. It's a really gorgeous set and it's huge. 9090 pieces in the...

You are appreciated.

March 1st marks World Compliment Day. As many of you might know, we have some special days in SAP Community that hopefully bring a little smile to your face, as we award you a badge for being active on that particular day.Today is our Random Day Surp...