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Happy Moments!


Hi Everyone,

A couple of weeks I browsed through the Coffee Corner threads and I saw @TammyPowlas 's  post "A happy day for Kansas!". Reading it made me happy for Tammy and I started thinking about my happy moments. I then realized that thinking of happy moments makes me happy already:). I then thought how great it would be if we had a thread in the Coffee Corner where we share happy moments. In addition to spreading smiles across the globe, we would get to know each other better.

I will start by sharing my most significant happy moments. My greatest source of pride and joy are my kids so of course my most significant happy moments would be related to them:) I remember the moment they were born, their first steps, their small and big achievements and simply their hugs.

It's hard to focus on one special moment but a couple of days ago I saw them walking together (almost 5,7,8 years old) in the street holding hands, caring for each other. That exact moment I felt like I really accomplished something in life. 

Life is filled with minor and significant happy moments. Feel free to share whatever happy moment you feel like sharing. It could be SAP related moment as SAP recently celebrated its 50th anniversary but it could be also something that is hobby, travel, cooking related or whatever you feel like sharing.

Looking forward to reading about your happy moments (both small and big)!:)



Hi Moshe - thank you for reading my happy moments.  I told my co-worker yesterday that those of us from Kansas were still on a "high".

As for your kids, I come from a family of 6, and my mom always said "I gave you 5 best friends for life" so remember to say the same to your kids "I gave you 2 best friends for life" - great advice from my mom!



Couldn't have agreed with you'll more @moshenaveh and @TammyPowlas !! Kids are so innocent and selfless. My son turned 3 in March, and when I am play with him I am in my happiest place. He re-teaches me basic fundamentals of life almost every day - how to be happy in small things, how important is it to smile and make others smile, how we should never give up (rest for a bit and get back to hustling), 🙂

Another happy moment which comes to mind is helping underprivileged kids. This from few years ago when I visited a NGO, I just sat down with the kids and served them food during lunch time and the smile I got in exchange for that -  wow, still get goosebumps as I think of that moment. 


Try asking him some "strange" questions.  It's fun just to hear the answers.   For example, when we rode in the car we played math games.  You know 1 + 1 =,  all the way to some multiplication.  My son loved it.  So when my niece jumped in the car, my son got excited and said let's play math games.   She in her big girl voice - all of one year older then him - said with authority "This is NOT a game'".  Sigh.  It was never as fun after that.   Another good one is to ask why they think the sky is blue.  It's just fun!

Agreed, the "why" questions are always fun to ask. With all the joyful responses we get from them, there will be times when they actually give the right answer and that's when we are like WOW, how did you know!! 😁

@Karin Thanks a lot for sharing. I just came back from a travel with the kids. Although not always easy, it was great time and created more happy moments like all of us being on the same swing.

What never stops to amaze me is how smart they are. And also, how they are our mirror:) 

@mcrapo  So funny!:) My kids started playing this really cool game when one thinks of something and the others try to guess what it is via questions.

@kartikdua Very special story about the NGO. Thank you. It reminded of when I volunteered (before I got married)  every 5th weekend in a youth movement for disabled children. We would do everything with them the entire weekend. Then one time we were setting-up dinner. It would have taken me 1 minute to organize the table if I would have done it on my own. But then I decided to let a sweet little boy on crutches to do it. It took him I think 25 minutes but that look of pride in his eyes is something I will never forget. 


My absolute happiest moment was back when Nate was 3 years old.   He doesn't remember but I do.   I was asking him something about Scott and I being his parents.   Just keep in mind Nate wasn't adopted.  (I'd love him the same, but it relates to the story).  Nate said he saw all the mom's and dad's out there waiting for him.   He picked us because we needed him the most.    That just makes my heart happy...

I remember a not so happy time.  I went to pick up my dog, Gemma.   She was living at a home where she was very skinny.   She had a chain on her that was bigger than her.  I've no idea how she drug it around, and her head was down low.   The little boy - who obviously hadn't been taught pet manners was pulling her ears and trying to get on her to ride.   Yes, we immediately bought her and brought her home.   She was 7 months old and if you raised your voice she would pee on the floor.

Now she is a happy three year old that plays with her brother and always is doing something funny.  She loves to hear us laugh.    And we never talk louder than a normal tone with her.  

Love this thread!



That's so amazing to read.... you know I am unemployed for more than a year and looking for job since a long time.. no luck absolutely till date.. just now I received 2 emails of rejections. Day by day I am feeling so down and confused about what to do and amidst of all this I saw this post.. feeling so nice. 

Life is beautiful!! Stay Blessed.

I wish you finding the perfect job that makes your very happy during and when you leave work 🙂 I know that you will find this😁


From my perspective happiness is what you make of life each and every day! Life is full of twists, turns and surprises. It is an adventure for sure and you never know what twist is next. Enjoying the moment best as possible is important to me, and having compassion for others who in a tough spot (at that same moment) to help them lift their spirits is very nice too. Have a happy day everyone!

@StephanieMarley I feel you. There was time where I felt I had everything planned. I knew how my next day/month/year is going to shape up. But now (no, it's not my grey hair talking 😂), I know tomorrow is going to be different and I am prepared and excited for it. Enjoying each and every moment is important to me too!!


Hello Everyone!

It is such a big treat to read this thread after a quick vacation.

I know I first shared the moments I had with my kids but now I would like to share with you other types of happy moments.

It was during a two year period where I traveled around the world. I've been to Europe, USA and South America (I'm originally from Israel) . It was the time of my life and I met so many new friends and had a lot of adventures. I had plenty of happy moments during that period and I will share them along the way but now I recall the one I had during a hike in Chile. We climb this mountain for a couple of days. The view was majestic but the path and weather wasn't always easy. The last portion of the trail was really hard for me. I walked and walked and was really wishing the climbing would be over. Then, suddenly I see a sign that says "Fin" (end in Spanish)  and I started crying from happiness:) 

Hello Moshe, I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s happy moments!

A little happy memory came bubbling to the surface, a sort of “eureka” moment. I was attending a family event many years ago and I spotted a little boy struggling to tie his own shoelace after it had become undone, and I quietly wondered why – surely, he was old enough I thought, to have learned by now. He was making a simple task look awkward and difficult.

Then I just asked innocently – do you want a hand – do you need help? I could see he was keen to get outside playing again with the other kids. One adult piped up – oh it’s OK, he’s a ciotóg, he’ll get there eventually! In the Irish language a ciotóg (pronounced kitt-og) is a person who is left-handed. We also use the term affectionately here in Ireland even when speaking English! Anyway, the minute I heard this – I said, but isn’t your uncle over there left-handed too – he can show you how to tie shoelaces the way he does it – so you don’t have to learn the right-handed way.

This sparked an impromptu lace tying enablement session! Within minutes, the little boy could tie his own shoelaces quickly and had a big smile on his face – a smile of achievement. One of those little “eureka” moments. That makes me happy, that I could help someone to help themselves, even with such a small task. As a family, we joked afterwards about setting up a YouTube Channel for left-handed tips and tricks. It’s lovely to be able to help others to learn and engage others to support as well – that’s what life is all about – the little happy moments.

Amazing. Such an important laceon (lesson;)) for life. Don't pretend to be something you're not. Do it your own way and you will get there quicker and happier.


Hi Moshe,
my happiest moment was definitely also the birth of my daughter 3 years ago and all the time that followed. It's so great to see my daughter grow up: The first words, the first steps, now the first attempts with her bike...

As a father, I'm just mega proud of the little progress my daughter is making. It can't be compared to anything else.
It will be exciting now, when at the end of the year another little brother joins us  🙂

Congrats! Sounds amazing. The early years can be challenging sometimes but those small moments makes it worth it. 


While going through all the posts I realized there are countless happy moments every day in life.. it is just that we are so much focused on issues, stress, worries that we forget to cherish these moments. My 6 year old female cocker spaniel is nothing but pure joy, happiness and love... just watching her, cuddling everything just makes feel so happy. 

She sounds really cute:) I love small dogs


Sometimes we just need to take us some time for happyness. When later on my wife and son come home we just need to storm the couch and enjoy a few moments together cuddling. Forget the work day and all it's odd stuff for a few moments. The soul doctor recommends 20 mins couch time per day. Go and enjoy...

Nice! I now insist that we have dinner together around the table with no screens. 


Another happy moment:

During my travel period, 18 years ago, I was working in a Ski resort in Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada area. One day we were snowed-in. The employees that were stuck on the mountain slept in one of the luxurious condos. But what was really amazing was the powder-day that followed with plenty of untouched snow (as the mountain was closed) and the sun came out. It's a memory I will remember forever.



Hello Everyone,

I would like to share another recent happy moment. A week ago I traveled to the city of Tel Aviv in order to go to a special party. First of all I really enjoyed the trip and the feeling like I'm in my travel days again. Then when I got to the party there was great music and lots of creative people all around. There were two guys discussing the auditions to a dance group they went to and they showed moves. I was really impressed. Then I started dancing myself and the feeling of just hearing the music and dancing like no one is watching was so great and joyful. I also slept in a very cool youth hostel near the port and having my cup of coffee in front of the ocean was also amazing:

IMG_0892 (1)B.jpg