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Our part as we Stand in Solidarity


As we indicated in this post, our goal of this particular discussion thread is to enable all of you to share links, suggestions and advice on how you can help during this terrible crisis, the war in Ukraine. 

We ask to that you remain focused on the humanitarian efforts and support.




A friend of mine from high school went to Poland to pick up her niece and nephew. Our community has been helping this family with everything we can do to help make them comfortable in their new home. The compassion that people are expressing is so wonderful.


FYI, there is a donation hub for NGOs set up by SAP for employees, and you can donate via several buckets:

Latest Updates on SAP's Solidarity for Ukraine donation campaign:

(Updated March 15, 9:23am CET)

SAP Solidarity Fund e.V. >> 270,251€ has been generously allocated from 1,779 SAP donors 

UNO Flüchtlingshilfe >> 65,896€ has been generously allocated from 345SAP donors

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR CANADA / HCR CANADA) >> 36,848€ has been generously allocated from 163 SAP donors

US Association for UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) >> 169,305€ has been generously allocated from 612 SAP donors


I have been impressed by the efforts of Chef José Andrés and the World Central Kitchen.

Just my view.


What's interesting to me is a message my son shared.   If you want to help get money directly in the hands of people, book a B&B in Ukraine.  Let them know you won't be staying, and pay anyway.   Not sure if that's still true, as people with no morals might find a way to use that to their advantage.  But as far as I know it worked.


We've taken in two refugees into our home, through the Swiss Refugee Council. If you're considering doing it, count the cost. It's not easy having two strangers living in your home for an extended period - although thanks to modern technology we can at communicate (And one speaks English to an extent). 
We've done it before, so we knew what we were getting into!


I'm on facebook group where people post requests for help. The need is huge. There was one where a mum was asking if anyone had a soft-toy unicorn for her daughter. In the scheme of things, hardly necessary for life, but a few hours later - one unicorn, and a happy daughter.

I had a really old nokia windows phone. I offered it, and it's ended up with a lady for her daughter "at least she can call and text her dad".  (Refugees here get a free unlimited data sim valid for a year, but also free calls and sms within Switzerland - but also free calls and SMS to Ukraine). The mum looked so... worn and worried. Beautiful little girl. Breaks your heart.

Anyway, the point is that the smallest thing can help. So don't be shy,



You can't help everyone. But you can help one.

And the link.   I could probably find it via search.