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SAP TechEd

Join the SAP TechEd group to start conversations and interact with fellow community members, share e...

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Coffee Corner

Come to the new Coffee Corner to join discussion on a variety of topics - not necessarily "work" rel...

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SAP Learning

Connect with the community in SAP Learning groups to ask experts about learning journeys, prepare fo...

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SAP Women in Tech

Join the SAP Women in Tech group to learn about the initiative, view upcoming events, participate in...

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Enterprise Architecture

Join the SAP Enterprise Architecture group to start discussions, share experiences in blog posts, fi...

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Welcome to the Yerevan Group, the space for collaboration, expertise exchange, and building connecti...

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SAP Developer News May 20th, 2022

New, Free ABAP Learning Journey- Get Started with ABAP Programming on SAP BTP: New SAP Learning Journey available: Get started with ABAP Programming on SAP BTP (Blog Post): to Basics Livestreams-...

Smart controls and OpenUI5

Hello everyone,Do you want to see SAPUI5 Smart Controls (sap.ui.comp library) as part of OpenUI5? If yes, I’d be glad to hear your opinion on that. We had already enquiries via different channels (e.g. github). As this is huge undertaking and we have...

What should your title be?

So I was thinking.... Dangerous think that is... Thinking. I try not to do it much it hurts my head. I was thinking if I was going to put a name to what I did what would it be? You know those fun boxes you check off or drop downs or... whatever form ...

mcrapo by Member
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Welcome to the SAP CodeJam ABAP Group!

Welcome to the SAP CodeJam ABAP Group. This page contains registration details and relevant links for individual SAP CodeJam ABAP events globally. SAP CodeJams are hands-on events and you must bring your own machine to participate in the hands-on exe...

SAP Developer News May, 6th 2022

Low-Code/No-Code Month and Challenge• SAP low-code, no-code month in SAP Community• Low-Code/No-Code Development Tools community topic page• Diana Roesner video on SAP in low-code, no-code space https...

Customer & Partner Architecture dialog

Please listen in to this podcast if you are interested in Archtiectural topics and how SAP customer and partners are adressing this . Would you like to discuss or share a certain topic, feel free to re...

Karl by Employee
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SAP Developer News April 29th, 2022

Node.js 18- Node.js 18 is now available! (News Post): Node.js Release overview: and Analytics News- Sneak Peek into SAP Analytics Cloud release for Q2 2022 (Blog Post): ...

Can SAP be compromised? (an online poll not from me)

When I saw this question posted I thought about the Solar Winds debacle, where rogue code was "allowed" into a vendors delivery stream. Then, when I thought about the complexities of SAP "transports" I thought no thenwell maybe. The original online p...


Impact of women in technology

I just came across this post by @Maren_Meyer : think it's very interesting to consider the impact of women in Data Science and females perspectives on different items whic...

Community SMP Minecraft Server

Fabric 1.18.2 Server (Java Edition) Using multiple Datapacks, crafting Tweaks and Resources from VanillaTweaks. As well as a custom resource pack. You can connect using the standard Vanilla Java client or you can use the Fabric Java client. Using the...


SAP Developer News April 22nd, 2022

UI5 Patch-Level Independent BootstrapBlog post: "SAPUI5 – Patch-Level Independent Bootstrap" I Learn ABAP video and new ABAP 2-minutes-of video Blog post: "Should I Learn ABAP?" vide...

Not today - Nope - No Way

I should do this more often. As I hit the end of my work day, I am annoyed. And thinking "I wish I didn't care". I'm pulling myself out of that mentality. I care so I'll make this work darn it......Not today, nope, no way.... I'm going home happy.

mcrapo by Member
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Happy Moments!

Hi Everyone,A couple of weeks I browsed through the Coffee Corner threads and I saw @TammyPowlas 's post "A happy day for Kansas!". Reading it made me happy for Tammy and I started thinking about my happy moments. I then realized that thinking of hap...

Resolved! Request for suggestion for SAP B1 consultant journey

Hello, I've been working as a SAP B1 user. Our company uses SAP B1. I studied SAP B1 modules and crystal reports from online. My plan is to become a SAP consultant. Now I want to take SAP B1 certification for the first time. Do you have any suggestio...

May by Member
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SAP Developer News April 15th, 2022

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Roundtable- Event Overview Slides: Process Automation (SPA) Now Available on SAP BTP Free Tier- SAP Process Automation: Free Tier is out, create your own au...

Minecraft - Any players?

Just out of curiosity and not at all because I have something cooking up but are there any Minecraft players (Java edition) around?

Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 18.44.59 copy.png