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Hello!  I wanted to share an important step for everyone who had a former SAP SuccessFactors Community account, in order to have full access to see public and private SAP SuccessFactors content, recreated pages, etc.

As we have joined SAP Community, it is necessary for everyone to 'Upgrade' your SAP Community account first.  Note: the SAP Community profile is a 2nd profile; the steps below will NOT affect your former SAP SuccessFactors Community profile that was migrated to our new Human Experience Management (SuccessFactors) section of SAP Community Groups.

If you haven't already taken these steps, please do so, to ensure you can access all SAP SuccessFactors community content, public and private. Please see this downloadable guide or follow the instructions included below.

Update your SAP Community account

1. Access SAP SuccessFactors Home Page:

2. Click on the avatar on the top right of the screen or ‘Login/Sign-Up’ button


3. You should get a prompt to upgrade your SAP Community profile, and add a User Name as you see in this screenshot. User Name must start with lowercase characters or numbers and  you can use an underscore, but no periods, no email address.

4. Add your User Name as shown below and then click 'Save and Continue' button.














5. Please check the box to agree to make your SAP Community profile public, then click the 'Make My Profile Public' button.


6. You should now be able to login to your former SuccessFactors Customer Community profile in SAP Community Groups.


If you have any issues with these steps, or any other questions, please reach out to me at

I also want to share a few key links to resources to assist further with accessing SAP SuccessFactors content: