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Contradicting info on scalability

Galactic 2
Galactic 2



maybe somebody can have a look at the screenshots below. Both are taken from Learning Journey about SAP HANA Cloud.

There is this statement claiming that we can scale storage (which for me is memory in case of HANA) and Computing power independently.


And here is a clear statement that whenever I increase memory the number of vCPUs will be adapted. 


Same is stated in this one:



Besides, I think it is not possible to change the amount of vCPU directly, i.e. without changing the memory

So, how can this be explained?

Kind Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


@Meinrad The "Elastic Scale with SAP HANA Cloud" screenshot is trying to explain what is Scaling in SAP HANA Cloud. That slide talks about compute power, and in the SAP HANA this is a compute node. A compute node consists of RAM and CPU.

In SAP HANA Cloud it is possible to Scale-up by adding more memory, and then automatically adding CPUs. This is the way it works in SAP HANA, as there is a RAM vs CPU ratio. In SAP HANA RAM is primary, so if you increase this the CPUs will increase automatically according to that RAM vs CPU ratio.

The same is true for disk storage. The amount of required disk storage is directly connected to the RAM size. 

-- Hay


Galactic 2
Okay. I'm not (yet) really used to terminology here. *shame on me* 😉

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