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Is there a free plan for the "Web Access for ABAP" service?

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i have created an Enterprise BTP account and have subscribed to the 'free' plan for the ABAP environment in my sub-account. When I try to connect with the ABAP service instance from ADT Eclipse (either via Service Key or via Cloud Foundry credentials), and click on the 'Open Logon Page in Browser', I get the message that the logon was successful but I cannot login due to missing authorizations. After reading the help documentation, I realized that this is because the SAP_BR_DEVELOPER role needs to be assigned to my user and for that I need to subscribe to the "Web Access for ABAP" service, so that from my BTP sub-account, I can login to the Fiori launchpad for ABAP environment and add this role via the 'Maintain Business Roles' Fiori tile.

However, I see that there is no "free plan" for the "Web Access for ABAP" service.

Can you please confirm if I use the "Web Access for ABAP" service (default plan) with the free plan for ABAP environment, will I be charged for the use for the "Web Access for ABAP" service?


Vikas Saxena


Hi @vikas75saxena 

It  looks like you have already posted the question on SAP Community  here 
where Andre Fischer replied.
So we can mark your inquiry as answered
Kind regards

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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For people who reach here looking for an answer; check the comments section of the blog post here.