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Galactic 6
Galactic 6

Q: What are the updated plans to make smart predict available for live connection other than HANA live connection?

A: We continue to enhance our Smart Features support for live connectivity but we do not have any updated plans for Smart Predict with other live connections at this time.


Q: Currently main tool for planning in SAP suite is SAC, however during TechEd we heard that in the future DWC will also be a foundation for planning. What is the long term vision in SAP

A: SAC will remain the de facto location for financial planning, however we envision to integrate processing tasks as well as implement data exchange between DWC and SAC Planning.


Q: How do we ensure SAC Quarter releases does not affect existing customer analytics reporting ?

A: Within the Fast Track, we actually release a new version every 2 weeks which is deployed to internal tenants, partner tenants and opted-in tenants. This allows us to continuously track the quality of our releases, react in time to potential issues before we finally release the quarter-release to our customers. On top of that, we are using various routines to ensure product stability and therefore make sure that existing reports are not affected.


Q: Do you have the intention to make a table in an SAC application modifiable using scripts? things like read a cell value, set it, add a row or a column.

A: This is already supported. In the Analytics Designer we offer many API's related to the table. You can set filters, read table cell values, set user input and many things more.


Q: Is there any plan of introducing sentiment analysis in SAC?

A: Isn't it available in HANA as part of the text analysis capabilities? You could visualize the results of the analysis in SAC.


Q: A user may need to calculate a column, in a model, based on two different rows. Would this feature be implemented in next releases?

A: Depending on the data source, you have various ways to calculate new columns. This can be either done during data import or within the story if supported by the selected data source.


Iver: 2022 Business Content for cross LOB applications

First half 2022 SAC and DWC integration for planning - exchange data bi direction; replication based approach

Second half - replication free approach


Consolidations - inside S/4HANA, group reporting - strategic way forward