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SAP Community Log-in Update
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SAP Developer News May, 6th 2022


Low-Code/No-Code Month and Challenge
• SAP low-code, no-code month in SAP Community
• Low-Code/No-Code Development Tools community topic page
• Diana Roesner video on SAP in low-code, no-code space
• Learning journey + certification for low-code, no-code
• 100 Days of Low-Code
• No-code challenge (hoodies)

Welcome Antonio as New Developer Advocate and SAP Graph Podcast
• Antonio Maradiaga - Social media profiles:
- SAP Community:
- GitHub:
- LinkedIn:
- Twitter:
• SAP Integration & Extension Talk - SAP Graph: THE easy-to-use API of the Intelligent Enterprise

SAP HANA Community Calls
• SAP Community Call: Calculation View Modeling in Business Application Studio Update
• SAP Community Call: Challenge accepted – Gain hands-on experience with SAP HANA Graph React V 18.0
• Michelle Moudy - Social media profiles:
- SAP Community:
- GitHub:
- LinkedIn:
- Twitter:
• React 18 - React v18.0
- How to Upgrade to React 18

SAP BTP Innobytes
– A Fresh New Video Series


0:00 Intro
0:10 Low-/No-Code
1:46 New Dev Advocate
2:53 HANA Calls
3:49 React 18
5:14 BTP Innobytes