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SAP Learning Groups

Join these groups dedicated for Learning and moderated by SAP Learning Experts (SMEs). Get answers ...

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Application Development

Join the Application Development group to engage with the community on everything from development m...

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Career Corner

Foster great talent and advance careers! Join Career Corner group to share opportunities, success st...

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Coffee Corner

Visit the Coffee Corner to join discussions across a variety of topics - not necessarily "work" rela...

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Enterprise Architecture

Join the SAP Enterprise Architecture group to start discussions about Enterprise Architecture framew...

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Government HXM User Group

The SAP SuccessFactors Government User Group is a gathering of government customers established to: ...

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Information Architecture

Let's share knowledge, experiences, and best practices in the art and science of organizing informat...

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SAP Builders

Join the SAP Builders group and engage with a community of peers to unleash innovation by building a...

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SAP Women in Tech

Join the SAP Women in Tech group to learn about the initiative, view upcoming events, participate in...

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Welcome Corner

Who is SAP Community? Join the Welcome Corner to introduce yourself, make connections with like-mind...

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SAP University Alliances

The SAP University Alliances program enables academia to educate the next generation for the Intelli...

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I am excited to express my interest in the SAP training program. Working as flow manager in an industrial supply chain service, this training aligns perfectly with my career goals, and I believe that gaining proficiency in SAP solutions will signific...

Nabil_ea by Galactic 1
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Applying for sap free certification program

Hi my name is Baker khoder , i am a young professional hailing from Lebanon, I am deeply passionate about technology and aspire to broaden my horizons within the field of information technology.As a current student and a web developer, I recognize th...

Baker by Stellar 1
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Digital Skills Initiative

Hello SAP Team, I am Patrick, and this post is to express my interest to be part of this opportunity.I am one of the "minorities who may not have equal opportunity in their geographic location" specifically the Philippines, where there is a huge gap ...

Wow - does no one drink coffee anymore?

This is interesting.   It's been awhile since I visited.    No real reason just - like everyone else - busy.   Then I looked at the dates on  these posts and was surprised.   I find the groups section the easiest to write in.   Shorten format and eas...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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