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Resolved! Request for suggestion for SAP B1 consultant journey

Hello, I've been working as a SAP B1 user. Our company uses SAP B1. I studied SAP B1 modules and crystal reports from online. My plan is to become a SAP consultant. Now I want to take SAP B1 certification for the first time. Do you have any suggestio...

May by Member
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CPI connection with any system (trial/demo)

Hi Dear Group Members,As new to CPI I want to connect my trial CPI with any other trial or demo system, for exampleS /4 Hana cloud editionS /4 Hana cloud private editionSuccessfactorsAribaSalesforceis there any trial system /demo available for any of...

ebsor by Member
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C_CPE_13 - SAP Extension Suite Certification

Hi All,I am planning to give my C_CPE_13 - SAP Extension Suite Certification within the next 3-4 weeks. I am planning to study CLD200 - SAP Extension suite. Do I need to have a development background or developer skills to crack this exam ? Do we hav...

rajank by Member
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Resolved! CLD200 - Manual Deployment keeps erroring out

SAP Extension Suite I am going through the CLD200 documentation stepwise and building the sample application. It has been working properly, until I get to the Manual Deployment chapter.Issue#1: The cf push command from page #156 from the document kee...

Resolved! Translating Catalogs and Groups using STH

Hello SAP folks,Can we translate on premise texts of Custom Fiori Catalogs, Groups and custom GUI Tiles using SAP Translation HUB? Any inputs would be helpful. Please advise if STH supports this feature?I have already gone through the link below to t...

Fio_sec by Member
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Resolved! Private BTP Endpoints

BigCo is concerned that our BTP endpoints should not be accessible from the public internet and should be private.I've been reviewing the options on this page, and can't see any options that support this:

Resolved! SAP BTP Cloud foundry Job Scheduling for RAP

Hi Team, I would like to know is there any possibility to schedule a job using job scheduling service instance for the RAP based applications? I have created an RAP application. Wanted to schedule a job which has to run every day and it should update...

Krishna by Member
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Resolved! Developing with SAP Integration Suite

I am trying all exercises from C_CPI_14 - Unit 3 - Exercise - Consume Purchase order API from SAP API Business Hub, Step 19 In the configuration view of the OData connector, select the Connection tab. Enter the Request URL you previously took note of...

Resolved! Custom Domain Service in BTP

Hi BTP Community Experts, I have a requirement to configure Custom Domain Service in BTP Neo and Cloud Foundry(CF) environments.The Neo portal for end users is deployed on NEO and from there the end user will navigate to CF portal. I need to understa...

sunilk by Member
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Resolved! Where to find code used in the trainer module?

Hi,I started the learning journey of 'Developing with SAP extension suite' and there was a coding exercise where the trainer module is just asking me to click on steps. Since I also want to practice that myself on my BAS, where can I find the complet...

Resolved! Certification

Hi, I am looking into a certification 'C_SAC_2114'. I have two questions about it:1. Does the SAP learning journey on this topic cover all the topics to get ready for certification?2. As seen in the screenshot under booking options it says valid unti...


Resolved! DEV164 Workflows HandsOn - Authentication error

I am doing the exercises for DEV164 (Workflows). I have successfully finished the step "Build MTA Project". I can see the WFTutorial_0.0.1.mtar file. But, when I try to perform the next step "Deploy MTA Archive", I am getting the below error:Authenti...

vsp4btp by Member
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Resolved! SAP AppGyver in US east region

SAP AppGyver seems to available only in AWS Europe region and not in US East. If we have US region subaccount, to use SAP AppGyver should we have to create another subaccount with Europe region? Or is there a neartime future plan to have all the serv...

DayaG by Member
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Resolved! #​SAP BTP Cockpit - WM_CF_SPACE_PROVIDER

​Hi there,Please, someone would help me with this error ?​ERROR: User credentials provided in the WM_CF_SPACE_PROVIDER destination are invalid!when trying to import Sample Capital Expenditure Approval Process.​SAP BTP Cockpit -> Process Flexibility C...

wilson by Member
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Resolved! Certifications

I was looking at getting certified with this cert C_HANATEC_17 .... was it replaced by C_HCADM_01 that I'm seeing in the, Mike

hillmw by Member
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Resolved! SAP Certification Preparation

For C_CPI_14 SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Integration Suite Certification Preparation CP100, CL900 books are required or not? if yes then it is part of the SAP Learning free learning journey?