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On occasion I tend to post in here about crazy off the wall topics so I decided since the last was about Minecraft I would check this time to see if anyone else has gone down the winding rabbit hole of Warhammer (40K or Age of Sigmar) like I have fou...

Jokes corner

Humor up your life. My brain was able to store lots of jokes. Somehow most is lost now in the late 40ies. If you have brain like strainer you have to write down. Ok, lets do this... ... asked my daughter to hand me the newspaper. She scolded me being...

Wow - does no one drink coffee anymore?

This is interesting.   It's been awhile since I visited.    No real reason just - like everyone else - busy.   Then I looked at the dates on  these posts and was surprised.   I find the groups section the easiest to write in.   Shorten format and eas...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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openSAP are shutting their free open doors

but who am i kidding other than myself? 10 years of free education could not last into eternity, right?a couple of hundred bucks just for trying to get a passing score reminds me of early days of SAP + inflation of course - inflation of both in the n...


Greetings, fellow learners and aspiring SAP professionals!Questions About the SAP Certification Experience1. How Should I Prepare for SAP Certification?2. What Types of SAP Certifications Are Available?3. What Is the Format of the SAP Certification E...