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SAP Community - Where are you from?

SAP Community keeps growing and growing and I am super excited for this Welcome Corner as it gives the chance for not only new members but everyone to get to know one another and connect with each other. As my colleague @Katherine_K gives an overall ...


First SAP Blog Published

Hello All, Have published first SAP blog. Request to all of you please check and give your valuable feedbacks. https://blogs.sap.com/2022/09/06/how-to-remove-negative-entries-from-customer-credit-master-and-sap-table-s066-and-s067/Thanks & Regards, N...

Advanced Intercompany STO (5HP)

Advanced Intercompany Sales is a new advanced version how you can run your intercompany sales business. In this session you will get insight into:- Challenges of the classic intercompany sales process- Process design of advanced intercompany sales- B...

SAP analytics cloud(SAC)

I recently had the opportunity to learn SAP analytics cloud , and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.Business intelligence and analytics have become critical tools for businesses looking to gain insights and make informed decisions. As a result, the...

SAP Community - Where I'm from ...

Hi SAP Community.. I am Naresh Kumar from India Chennai.. I am a FICO Consultant & i am very happy and excited to be part of this Community.. I am very thank full to SAP Mentors and Champions and Many SAP Consultants for Continuous Learning and encou...

The bigger area of Supply Chain Management

Hello Everyone,In recent days I just started Yard Management, which I wasn't aware is available and can simplify so many things in the area of Supply Chain management.I do know that Yard Management is available with us from long time, but as I didn't...

ankurch by Galactic 2
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Exciting Journey Begins!!!

It's been a while I am in the world of SAP but never been a part of SAP Community, My bad!.But nonetheless I am excited to be part of family. Will explore and share all my knowledge (via Blog) gained over the period of time.

Enhancement request for LMS (or How-to)

Can't find a thread for what I want and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  SAP  SuccessFactors includes a Learning Management System that we use here at AEP. I have a how-to question I need answered. ...and if it can't be done, ...

jffzllr by Stellar 2
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Hello to all

Hi all, my name is Hiroaki Nomoto from Japan. This is my first post here in the SAP community.I am very happy to join SAP Community Group.I hope my experience will help other SAP specialists and I look forward to discuss several topics with you all.

Have you noticed your new rank?

Some of you may already be noticing that you have a label/title next to your name. This in terms of the platform is referred to as your "rank" and you can find out more information about it here.So what is a rank?A rank is the set of activity thresho...

Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 13.42.01.png Cover photo rank discussion.png

Advice from SAP Champions: Blogging

Have you ever submitted a blog post for review on SAP Community and wondered why you keep getting pushback from the moderation team (including me)? Or have you published something successfully, only to find that your post just doesn't seem to get the...

Hello SAP Community

Hello, my name is Liese Bösch and I am a Senior SAP Consultant SAP SM. This is my first post here in the SAP community. I have been involved in SAP products for more than 15 years. I want to start sharing the experience that I have gained throughout ...

Hello SAP Community

Hi, I'm Neilvin, I'm a fresh college graduate from the Philippines. This is my first post here on the SAP Community, and I'm so excited to soon start my career once I have all my requirements processed, then work my way up to achieving my dream to be...

Neilvin by Galactic 1
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Welcome to all!!!

What a great place to come for a quick break and to read about some new people!    Can I add a new request?...  Ha!   Does my keyboard have keys?   What have you or are you enjoying in the community?For me...   I tend to get excited here so feel free...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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