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Hello All SAP Geeks!

For many years, Poznań has been successively strengthening its position as a strong, thriving center for the IT industry. The city is distinguished by the availability of a widely qualified pool of professionals, convenient location and high quality of life. Poznań is also a well-known academic centers with 7 tech universities.
Poznań as the city of IT is featured in ranking of European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022/2023.

Based on that solid background we can assume we are many so creating the local, public, SAP dedicated space for networking, informal professional talks and meetings is a good and helpful option.

Here you can initiate or participate in discussions whether you work with SAP technologies or are simply an SAP enthusiast – online and in the real world.

How to join and be active?
How to Access SAP Community Groups - YouTube
SAP Community Groups: Setting Up a User Profile - YouTube
SAP Community Groups: Join and Subscribe - YouTube
SAP Community Groups: Starting a Discussion - YouTube
SAP Community Groups: Writing a blog post - YouTube

Please note that in line with SAP Community, we all need to follow the Rules of Engagement and in case of questions about Groups, the Help section is there as a guide.


Best regards,
Przemek on behalf of Poznan Community Team