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Ammunitions and gears for SAP Tech 2021 - My checklist

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

I will join from the other side of Globe, I did some shopping, and dust off old gears and put them up on my desk. 

Espresso machine, Ticked!     I might need a couple of cups of macchiato or ristretto to keep my eyes open from the first session starting at 2am

50" TV screen. Ticked,    It's been treated as an useless old fashioned TV, but became my buddy thank to working from home mode for last l~~ong year...   

Headset ticked. 

And my laptop & PC. 

I bet we will enjoy this years' event  🙂 






wow, seems like you're all set and ready for the conference to get started! 

I usually don't drink coffee, but I guess I'll need some cups of espresso too! Curious myself how many I'll need at the end... 

Just 1L coffee jar might be enough 🙂


iPad, Laptop and Airplay to TV - coffee machine in reach I’ll be ready as well! Have you decided on your session playlist already?

Yes Craig, I already double checked the list. All looks good 🙂

So which sessions are you looking forward to the most?