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For the next TechEd I wish, I promise...

Former Member

At the next SAP TechEd (live or remotely) I wish, promise:

1) I'll meet my all community sap friends @mynynachau @Ygriega, @NilPeksen, etc ..
2) I wish to get a lot of gadgets ...
3) I'll go to get signed a TechEd t-shirt from all the All-Stars Developers ...
4) I'll pet Kasimir

#sapcommunity #sapteched

And you ? What do you promise or wish ? 


Galactic 2
Galactic 2

I hope it will be face-to-face again 😉

Galactic 4
Galactic 4

A session catalog that

  1. shows a session overview by time slots to show what sessions are happening at the same time/are going on/you can switch to right now
  2. The nerdvana would be a schedule optimizer that allows you to prioritize your selected sessions and optimized your selected sessions including workshops based on that input.... might a project for next years devtoberfest 🙂

@martinstenzig yes, that is a great suggestion. I sometimes thought I have 30 minutes what are the sessions that are going on right now beyond Channel 1 and would have loved to hope between them. 

I hope it will be F2F again too. I promise to organize a Werewolf game if it is 🙂 

About that an excel downloadable with all the lesson it's awsome 

Galactic 5
Galactic 5
  •  It to be both in-person and online.   I'm actually getting to like this on-line format, although I'm half dead by the time it's over.  I do tend to do nights with 2 - 3 hours sleep.  
  • More On-premise "stuff"  😉  I can take a lot I have learned "on the cloud" and transfer it to on-premise though.  
  • More On-Cloud "stuff" 😉  Yup we are on-cloud too.   Even though it's sort of two different paths, I guessing a lot of us are like this...  And interesting fact if you are wondering where are all the on-prem guys.  I believe SAP considers you on the cloud if you have one part of your system on the cloud.   I could be wrong about this.  I got it second hand when I asked directly in one of those in-person sessions.  (From a long, long time ago)  I don't work at SAP.
  • More customer presentations.  I like seeing the "real-life" example.  And sorry consulting group XYZ, I'd rather see an internal customer do the presentation.  It's more real to me that way.
  • Teched is becoming harder, there are not just 5,000 ways to write code.  There are now 5,000 different programming languages to use.  Some of us have made up our mind about what we want to use.  It would be nice to have tracks that split them out to some extent by different languages.    In between those sessions, I could pop over to a different one to see if a different language might be better.  Honestly, I'll never know them all.  Then you get into the how and....  Oh yes, I'm not an employee - I just get to throw out ideas.  
  • And last but not least, that more people would join this discussion.  It's a good one!

#sapcommunity #sapteched