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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!
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Galactic 2


What's the Sydney Inside Track Event?

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open to all people from the Community (Customers, Consultants, and Freelancers).

No matter if you are a developer, business consultant, or architect.

The event is organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Find more information in this blog post 

*Please note that this event entry is a summarized version of the original event and your registration may be required by the organizer shared on the original event website. RSVP accuracy here is without guarantee and does not constitute registration

SAP Inside Track Sydney Chapter had started by @simon_kemp_sap in early 2000nds and continued by @Synctegral AKA Adi Mogilevsky @Mauriciolauffer and @sandysantososince 2019. This was  just a regular meeting of the local SAP community, but evolved into remore speakers presentations during COVID lockdowns.

Hereafter recordings of our community events:

Back in 2022 we have restarted to conduct in person events by group of Sydney enthusiasts icluding @MustafaBensan Bensan, @Murali Shanmugham, @greg Carino, @John Patterson and @Mike Doyle


Who can join?

Anyone can join! Normally people have at least some link with the wider SAP. eco-system, but we encourage everyone to join since SAP Business Technology Platform opens traditional SAP to wider audiences of functional consultants, project managers, developers, architects or even just the friend or partner of one of these people.  is most welcome too.  We will have an event every two months or so in a different location - the next one will be conducted in the Western Sydney Start Up Hub in Parramatta.

What does the Sydney event look like?

Usually we will have one or two presenters for the interesting hot topics, but most of the time will be spend for networking and introducing yourself to the wider Sydney community, while streaming the event live via MS-Teams the SAP Inside Track Sydney event will have the global reach.

What if I'm new in Sydney?

If you're new in Sydney then SAP Inside Track Sydney Chapter event is the must go event for you! Multiple participants indicated they found their dream jobs by networking during the chat, which suits our Australian spirit.

Is the event run by SAP?

No! The SAP Inside Track is a community event. Whilst SAP employees often attend, and sometimes are key  organizers, the majority of organizers and attendees do not work for SAP. SAP's goal is to assist where they can, providing infrastructure like the groups site you are reading this on. This is very similar to SAP Stammtisch events, while has a slight difference conducted in the venue with the presentation capabilities and not just another meeting in the coffee shop.

How many people will attend?

Our statistic shows that out of 200 people having marked an interest in the event we have about 80 persons confirmed and at the end 50 participants

SAP Inside Track March 30th 2023 Meeting Discussions Minutes






This event showcased few community members presented themselves and outlined their vision regarding future community events


Adi Mogilevsky

About Me

►MBA Major in Information Systems

►Run Synctegral since 2017 and an SAP Build Partner since 2018

►In SAP ERP Eco-System since 2004

►I am the SAP Sydney Chapter Inside Track Event Organiser (since 2019)

During COVID I led 5 remote SAP Sydney Inside  Truck community events


Fun Photo


In future SAP Inside Track events I would like to learn:

► about more Functional and Business content than Technology

► if technology, than no marketing, but only deep dives

► how could we cooperate and compete in the same market

► how could we contribute to project success

►how could we innovate in the risk averse country like Australia


Mustafa Bensan

About Me


→ travelling

→ getting outdoors

→ going to the cinema

► Current focus areas:

→ SAP BTP Strategy and Architecture

→ Building multi-tenant BTP SaaS applications

► Working on a consumer-grade SaaS application built on SAP BTP for uploading Excel spreadsheets to SAP HANA Cloud

👉DataGlider (


Recorded Pitch




Fun Photo


In future SAP Inside Track events I would like to learn:

About experiences and lessons learned in building multi-tenant SaaS applications on SAP BTP

► How customers are using SAP Datasphere

► How customers are using SAP Integration Suite

► How customers are using SAP Extension Suite

Prakash Saurav

About Me

► Currently working as Development Lead with TCS for Stockland, Sydney. S/4 HANA 2020 Upgrade (from 1610), BAU & Transition to SAP BTP

Certificates, Education

•B.E. Information Science 2004 VTU, Belgaum, India

•SAP Certified Application Association – HANA (2015)

•PGP AI/ML 2022 (Purdue University)

•TOGAF 9.2 Certified 2023

►Why I am here in this event?

•To Learn #Learningforlife

•To meet peers

•To keep myself up to date with SAP Eco World


Recorded Pitch




Fun Photo


In future SAP Inside Track events I would like to learn:

►How customer is leveraging SAP AI Core offerings

 ► How SAP is enabling other AI related services through BTP

► How could I contribute to the community?

•I share my knowledge and learnings through my own blog site

Paul Hardy

About Me

Senior ABAP Programmer for Hanson Australia (Branch of Global Company Heidelberg Cement)

Certificates, Education

•Economics Graduate! From Uxbridge where Boris Johnson is MP!

 •SAP Mentor

•Author of Seven SAP Books

►Why I am here in this event?




Recorded Pitch





Fun Photo



In future SAP Inside Track events I would like to learn:

►What other organisations are doing, especially in regard to S/4HANA and Ariba….

► How could I contribute to the community?

•Giving presentations, as and when I have anything valuable to add….

Sahil Naqvi

About Me

Global SAP Partner Manager: Value Engineering for SAP customers

Certificates, Education

•Univ of California, Berkeley: Data Strategy

► In SAP ERP Eco-System since 2013


Recorded Pitch







Fun Photo


In future SAP Inside Track events I would like to learn:

Why SAP? The competitive edge!

► Initiatives around data management like SAP Datasphere

► Australia-specific demands & initiatives

► Sustainability – how does the SAP community align

►Collaboration, learning, networking



About Me

►Work in NTT Data, ex SAP Labs from Bangalore



Recorded Pitch



 Fun Photo


In future SAP Inside Track events I would like to learn:

►Collaboration, learning, networking 

Special thanks to Synctegral Pty Ltd for providing drinks and pizzas and to Western Sydney Startup Hub for hosting the event.

Next event registration page:



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