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Galactic 4
Galactic 4

I woke up early that morning. I got dressed, ate a small breakfast and went to the place where the event was to take place. I didn't have much time to make final preparations. There was no room for being late. Just after 7:00 I checked in at the door of the KMD Poland office. I put the card against the reader, entered the PIN... and nothing. The door stayed closed!

I wrote a text message to Beata, my colleague who manages our office. "Help! What time will you be there?" The minutes of waiting for a response stretched on forever. In the meantime, Irina came and Mateusz appeared. I told them what happened. But they weren't worried. We started thinking about a plan B! Suddenly the phone rang. It was Beata. "Did you put # at the end?" she asked. And that was the solution! The doors opened and we could start making final preparations.

A dozen minutes later, the guests started arriving, but almost everything was already prepared. At 9:00 we started SITWAW2023


I won't tell you what the individual presentations were about because I didn't have the opportunity to see them. But I had one observation: everyone left the presentation room satisfied.


On the other hand I can share some statistics with you.

  • Exactly 80 people took part in the meeting.
  • When asked about feedback, participants unanimously rated it very positively.
  • The presenters, the date of the meeting and the location were rated very well too.
  • Negative voices appeared when assessing the idea with two presentation paths. I understand it very well. It was impossible to be in two rooms at once, but it was definitely worth it.
  • Interestingly, most of the participants who responded to the survey learned about the event from their friends!
  • Everyone want to come to the SITWAW again!
  • Participants liked the most ๐Ÿ˜€ the people, networking and the atmosphere as well as presentations.
  • They dislike the most ๐Ÿ™„ too short breaks and the pace of the event.

And here we have all speakers and the organization team. Thank you again ๐Ÿ˜

grupowe SITWAW2023 1 (1).jpg

And my congratulations to the quiz winners!


Here you can find (on Google drive) some presentation which I have received so far: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oyBC5HDhBGmbCsT-67-ZR76PW0TXBSQV?usp=sharing

Finally, please also find other pictures as impressions from this event.

DSC08312 - Copy.JPGDSC08316 - Copy.JPGDSC08335 - Copy.JPGDSC08337 - Copy.JPGDSC08345 - Copy.JPGDSC08346 - Copy.JPGDSC08352.JPGDSC08366.JPGDSC08371.JPGDSC08377.JPGDSC08409.JPGDSC08414.JPGDSC08417.JPGDSC08420.JPGDSC08422.JPGDSC08427.JPGDSC08441.JPGDSC08451.JPGDSC08457.JPGDSC08463.JPGDSC08466.JPG

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