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SAP Developer News, October 19th, 2023


Devtoberfest 2023

ABAP Tools for Clean ABAP

SAP TechEd Integration Suite

New learning opportunities in Data & Analytics

SAP BTP Talk Podcast 100th Edition



0:00 Intro

0:10 Devtoberfest Wrap Up

1:02 ABAP Tools for Clean ABAP

2:07 SAP TechEd Integration Suite

3:07 New learning opportunities in Data & Analytics

4:43 SAP BTP Talk Podcast 100th Edition


We had another great Devtoberfest again this year. We had over 50,000 of you join us for one of the activities, either taking part in one of the educational sessions, the contest, or one of the fun activities. Speaking of the contest, I actually just did the drawings for the grand prize winners. So tune in to TechEd live during the developer keynote at the end of day one from Bangalore. We're going to be announcing the Devtoberfest winners. Can't wait for another great winners retreat and have all of you together with us in the SAP offices and and fun day out and around the city. So we look forward to sharing more information about the Devtoberfest winners and the big winners retreat soon following the TechEd keynote. So be sure to tune in to find out more. ABAP cleaner. Today, we're recapping on clean ABAP, a topic we touched upon during our recent Devtoberfest session. Now, many of you had joined our session with Yorick Miguel, who showcased how to clean ABAP code in seconds with ABAP cleaner. We saw firsthand the power of this tool and how it could transform our ABAP code. Now, since then, Olga has released a new blog post that delves into the clean ABAP projects led by SAP in the open source community. For those who found the session interesting Olga also goes into details and gives us an overview of ABAP tools which have been developed in the context of clean ABAP projects led by SAP in the open source community and she also gives us guidance for their uses scenarios. She goes into why Clean ABAP, Clean ABAP Style Guides, the Code Pile for Clean ABAP, and of course, the ABAP Cleaner. For those who found our DevTour's best session interesting, check out all the blog posts to learn more about ABAP tools for Clean ABAP. Now, if you haven't watched this session where you're a Miguel, the link to the session will be in the description below. business processes? With SAP Integration Suite, we are helping our customers integrate everything to accelerate innovations. I'd like to personally invite you to join us in person or online at SAP TechEd. Here you will get to learn about SAP's integrated approach, how to future-proof your businesses with integrations, create a sustainable integration strategy, modernize and automate your business processes, innovate with secure, governed APIs and events. Have fun with the immersive and engaging experience we are bringing to you with hands-on and demo sessions. We, the people behind the product, will be presenting our strategic direction, roadmap, innovations, best practices, and market trends. We are extremely excited and looking forward to it. Let's clear your calendars and join us at SAP TechEd. Do you recall our demonstration of building intelligent data applications using SAP HANA Cloud during last year's SAP TechEd keynote? Now, our product team would like to offer you a free online openSAP Course to help you build such an app yourself. Here from our product manager, Susan Poppe, about what you will learn during this course. You will learn about the JSON document store, how to use the spatial engine to process georeferenced data, network analysis patterns powered by the graph engine, and basic machine learning processes. We will demonstrate how to build an intelligent data app for site selection, an app that is used by an engineer to select suitable locations for electric vehicle charging stations. Thank you, Susan. Please remember that this OpenSCP course starts soon, on November 6th. I would like to take this opportunity to also mention new learning journeys available for you to explore at your own pace. Discovering SAP Datasphere, Exploring SAP Analytics Cloud, and Discovering SAP Analytics from Microsoft Office. As I mentioned, SAP TechEd at the beginning, I would like to remind you that this year's conference is just two weeks away. Together with my fellow developer advocates, we are eager to share another exciting set of technological innovations during this year's Developer Keynote. So please join us online or in person if you happen to be in Bangalore. Hi, I wanted to bring to your attention the 100th edition of the SAP BTP Talk Podcast. It's a special edition with Jurgen Muller and I've put a blog post below to give you some more information. It covers lots of different subjects, such as SAP TechEd Bangalore, ASUG TechConnect in New Orleans, as well as generative AI, some customer success stories and lots more. I think you'll really enjoy it. And while you're there, put it on your device, your mobile device and take it anywhere that you go, along with the SAP Developers Podcast. You may be even listening to this now on the SCP Developers News Show Edition. Thank you for listening.