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Friday early morning for me - It's going to be a great day!!!!

Galactic 5
Galactic 5

Yesterday - I took a step back and tried to look at a BAPI creating a PO.   Easy I said.   No problem I said.   That was before I realized my brain was frozen.  When did I last do this?   Too long ago.   Finally I threw in the towel - on trying to create a fixed price in the conditions.   I typed up some other suggestions and sent to our consultants and my boss.  Yes, I looked all over the community first.   Could I find the answer?  Nope.

No this isn't really a technical thing - it's a Michelle's exploding mind thing.

This morning -  I had an e-mail from my boss.   Don't get me wrong, I respect the heck out of him.  I don't know how he does everything he does.  But programming really?  He said we could look at it today with some consultants (on other projects), but he thought we did that in our old system.  4.6C and we are in HANA now.  I shook my head, and then signed on to our old system.   Guess what?  We had did it.   Actually I had worked on the program at before.  And it did have the answer.

Oh boy!  Sometimes I really like that boss of mine.  Besides wondering about my memory 5-6 year ago at least; I realized an important thing.   Ask questions from everyone even if you don't think they have the answers.  Keep in mind he had never programmed - not in any language.

Today is going to be a good day!  It's those little things that make life amazing.  What little things make you happy?   What starts your day off correctly?


Galactic 5
Galactic 5

I heard from someone.. ask questions.. even if the wrong question is asked, someone else's brain may trigger the right question. there are no wrong questions.. and the only bad question  is the one that was not asked. To me, it makes me happy (specially on friday) to sit w a cup of coffee for a few and just think.... it doesn't have to be about work.. it can be any topic... how I wish I could be riding my motorcycle, how I need to be better at remembering stuff my wife told me to remember, how tomorrow I have to show up early at the church men's group and prepare coffee, how my kids are about to start a new sport season.. just think and analyze my current week.. .slow down and enjoy the present... then I get into work, read emails and the entire show begins lol.  thank you for sharing your story

Slow down.   What a concept.   What a nice way to start a day to think about fun things.   I love it!  And I'll try to use it too.   

It reminds me of a song.   I'll have to listen to it a couple of time too.   Alabama - I'm in a hurry and don't know why.  OK - I do know why...  Now I still have to slow down.  What are the chances?

The lyrics I'm thinking of.

"I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh, I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why"

Ha, @sguerrero , that's exactly the discussion we had these days. What makes a good team? Diverse mindsets and skills. Sometimes the most hilarious statement can trigger the solution in someone else's mind. So don't scold stupidity too much :-). Sometimes even the cleverest guys need a small push/prod to get it done. The initial story of @mcrapo is a proof to this.

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

coffee is always a great way to start the day


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Nope - that would be tea.   Black Tea with lots of good caffeine.

Yep, in the face of a rotting Euro we do some doomsday consume and bought us a really cool coffee center. Fresh ground coffee beans with as much milk foam as you like.  cheers.

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

What gets be going everyday in the morning is hugging my wife and kid 🙂 

The one thing which helps me with any chore - workwise or personal, is documentation or writing notes. And yes, I am one of those who still uses a pad and pen to write down my to dos and make general notes. This technique mainly helps me in 2 ways -

  1. I know my stuff is documented somewhere so I can refer at a later stage
  2. Somehow I tend to remember my documented stuff more thoroughly than the undocumented ones

Well, it is almost end of Friday and my scotch is calling me. Weather is perfect too, little bit of rain and a gentle breeze 🙂 Happy weekend everyone!!

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Thank you!  My husband is around to hug.  My son works second shift.  So I can't really wake him up to give his mom a hug.