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Migration - speaking about migration moving from HANA 1709 on-premise to on-premise

Galactic 5
Galactic 5
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Yes, loud and proud!  My company is still running on-premise.  It doesn't mean we don't do a some things on the cloud.  It just means most of it is still on-premise.

The reasons are many and varied.    But this is about our migration.

Right now we are on-hold.  Why?  Because year end is fast approaching.   So I can state, We started with moving to 2022, BUT we may change that next year to 2023.

Without writing a blog - here are some of the "strange and  unusual" things that we have found:

  • "BEX" queries - remember them? - we have moved to away except for one pesky one.   It uses the writequery as a base.  I found that one caused a lot of issues.
  • There were some "holes" in programs that weren't quite plugged.  Good news!  We are finding them.  Bad news!  It takes time to fix.
  • There are some changes to FIORI.   So... we had to bring back the consulting firm to help with those.
  • PIDs were missing.
  • BUS2032 had things missing.   So it needed me to look between system to fix.
  • Some filters needed fixed or enabled.
  • E-mail templates were not moved completely.
  • Take a look at your workflows.   They seemed to change a bit. Some linkages I didn't expect and some that seemed missing.  
  • APIs - just look at them all.  Or at least all of your custom APIs.

So feel free to add more.   Perhaps some day I'll write a complete blog.   Keep in mind some of this might be because of strange things we did to the system.    Never completely trust what you read.   But some things to do a quick check on.