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You are appreciated.


March 1st marks World Compliment Day. As many of you might know, we have some special days in SAP Community that hopefully bring a little smile to your face, as we award you a badge for being active on that particular day.


Today is our Random Day Surprise. We wanted to take the opportunity and start with a procedure to compliment each other on a more regular basis, because who doesn't like to be complimented, appreciated, and thanked for? For instance, when there was a great achievement, a support given, a helpful answer, a well written blog post, or simply a nice gesture that made someones day. 

Refer to this blog post for further information what today is all about, but let's continue to use this thread here to tag fellow community members whenever we want to appreciate them.
For example, any time when a community member helps you and/or was particularly nice to you, @mention them in the thread and let them know what you're thankful for. 

Join us for Global Running Day in June!

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I want to thank @jerryjanda for asking me about certain blog posts before taking action

Some I cannot find in the groups; Sandra Rossi and @FredericGirod for always providing great and helpful comments to questions; I find their posts insightful.  I almost always "like" them.

Thanks, Tammy! And if I may return the compliment: I appreciate everything you do for the community -- as a Mentor and as a member! And thanks for being my book buddy back when we were doing the Weekend Whatever Clubs. 🙂


Hi Tammy, I didn't see your post !  thanks for the comment 😉

Galactic 4
Galactic 4

I want to thank @TammyPowlas  for all that she does between here and ASUG.

I'd also like to thank Don Williams (who it appears is not on this part of the community but does answer questions) for having my back when I get to a point where I've exhausted everything I can think of with an answer and for being the go-between between the users and the developers for the Crystal Reports .NET SDK.



I would like to thank today's blogger on Business ByDesign Logesh Murugan | SAP People. I believe that his step by step guide focusing on the E-mail Notification will help so many. Business ByDesign is a wonderful product, and I wish everyone using it great success! Please everyone -- keep the blogs coming. They are valued by so many. Happy RDS day!