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ambiguous questions in quizzes

Galactic 1
Galactic 1
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context: learning-journey/developing-with-sap-extension-suite

Quiz question: "In how many regions and environments can one subaccount run?"

the quiz requires the following answer: "Exactly one region and one environment."

but in Feature Set B, shouldn't the environments be 1 to 3?

1 if you choose neo environment, max 3 if you don't use neo: 1 to 3 (Cloud Foundry,  Kyma and Abap)

max 1 is valid only in the old feature set A and in the question is not said on which set.

in "Explaining the SAP BTP Account Model" an image with cardinality 1-3 is shown (Feature set B).



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Hi @svesco
We have received your request and are in the process of evaluating the problem,

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