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Are catalog roles described correctly in "Role Provisioning and Administration

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I am working on the Learning Journey "Explore Provisioning and Administration with SAP HANA Cloud" In unit "
Creating SAP HANA Cloud Roles" there is a statement I simply don't understand.

Statement is "The database user grants catalog roles directly, and they can only be revoked by the same user."

I could not believe. So I created three users: ROLEADM1, ROLEADM2 (with system privilege ROLE ADMIN) and DIETER. ROLEADM1 created and granted a role to DIETER. ROLEADM2 revoked that role from DIETER.

In my understanding that contradicts the statement mentioned above.

What am I missing?

Kind regards


Hi Meinrad,

Thanks to bringing this to my attention, I checked the documentation and tested according to your example, and you are 100% correct that this is allowed now. 

When this change was implemented I'm not sure, but I will correct it with the next release of the SAP Learning Journey.

-- Hay

Galactic 2

Hi Hay,

I think I found also a question in a quiz where the correct answer is simply not correct. There is a contradiction between the material and the answer that is considered to be correct.  I am just not sure if this is the right forum to discuss it. 


Hi @Meinrad
Please be ensured this is the right forum.  Here you can ask these questions  related to our SAP Business Technology Platform Learning Journeys or to our  certification and get SAP expert advice and support. You can also contribute answering questions, adding a comment, giving a like or kudos and so on. For further support on groups in general

Thanks again for your engamentment and bringing the topics to our attention,

Kind regards




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