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Young Africans in Tech- “Coding 101: Embark on a Coding Odyssey”

Dear community,

We are delighted to invite you to a Young Africans in Tech session on “Coding 101: Embark on a Coding Odyssey” with Dinah Onyino. 

Are you ready to set sail on a remarkable journey into the world of coding? Come and uncover the mysteries of programming and unleash your inner innovator. Get ready to embark on a transformative coding adventure that will challenge your intellect, ignite your creativity, and set you on a path towards limitless possibilities. The session will equip you with knowledge, resources, and guidance to embark on your coding journey and get you ready to unlock your coding potential.

Dinah Onyino comes from Nakuru, Kenya, and has worked as a Software Engineer since 2017. She has a master’s degree in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. She came to Germany in 2022 and is currently working as a Developer Advocate at SAP under the Afrika Kommt Fellowship Program. In her role, she helps developers become successful by engaging with the community, creating, and presenting content designed to help developers discover, understand, and adopt SAP Technologies. 

Date: 27.06.2023

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM CEST

Location: MS Teams

  • Meeting link
  • Meeting ID: 326 481 339 162
  • Passcode: WeKvn7

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

I’m interested in this event, but I’m unable to attend due to work. Could there be a blog post on this for people who are unable to attend to have access to later on? 


@Nadlovan please subscribe (join) to this SAP Women in Tech Group:

I am pretty sure, there might be a summary after the call but subscribing to the group helps you to get a notification once there is new content published. 

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