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How can I support to get China on the map?

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hello everyone!

First day in the community - and already excited! Yet, disappointed too. ;-(

First thing I did was looking into the Locations area, hoping to re-connect with my fellow SAP China colleagues. No China here? How come? Zero COVID strategy is a thing of the past - you guys need to get out of your shell!!!

Let's put China on the map!!




Hi @dieterkaufhold and welcome to SAP Community! 😊 

The location groups are oftentimes initiated by regional community members and employees. Until now, there hasn't been any request for China, so we are glad to see your interest.
Would you be interested in running a group for a city in China? Please reach out to:  and the colleagues will support you with the process. We would be happy to discuss this request further and share some details with you.

Join us for #GlobalRunningDay in June!