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What's on your mind?


There are many technical areas to discuss as it applies to Enterprise Architecture. This includes technical solution architecture across many dimensions along with emerging trends and innovation topics. What does Digital Transformation mean to you as an Enterprise Architect (EA)?

Along with the technical facing side of Enterprise Architecture, there is also the business facing side of an EA's role. More and more we see EA's being engaged at a strategy level where they can have influence in the organization. How do EA's gain that business acumen they need to be effective?

What makes a good EA? What skills and maturity do they need to have? Is there equal representation across the community? What are the Hot Topics you are looking for input on for your organization? What role of influence is there in architecting solutions for Sustainability?  There are many areas that warrant further discussion across the community.

What's on your mind?

Senior Enterprise Architect
SAP Canada

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

So it's been awhile but hopefully EAs have taken this free OpenSAP course: https://open.sap.com/courses/ea2

I have taken that course as well, Tammy. It gives a good overview of what the SAP Business Technology Platform means from an EA perspective.

Senior Enterprise Architect
SAP Canada

@TammyPowlas wrote:

So it's been awhile but hopefully EAs have taken this free OpenSAP course: https://open.sap.com/courses/ea2/ 

I also took this free, same introductory course in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hello @MartinMysyk 

The HOT Topics that I have seen from my Projects (EA/Analytics Architect role)
a) Designing a Hybrid landscape with On-premise and Cloud products (especially services around BTP)     (SAP / Non-SAP aswell)
b) Designing a tenant Strategy (Number of tenants?) especially for cloud products (Ex:DWC, SAC, Ariba, SFSF so on)
c) Overwhelming Inflow of so much new concepts/contents/tool/solutions (what to follow, what not to follow)
d) Existence/relevance of so many Architect roles (Cloud Architect, Technology Architect, Solution Architect, EA, Data Architect)
e) Convincing customers around Security aspects of Cloud products
f) Confusion related to Compatibility Packs
g) Customers facing issues identifying ML/PA use cases within their landscape!
h) CRM/CX solutions (what to pick, what not to pick)
i) RISE with SAP (what is included, how it helps customers)
j) Change of Strategy (EX: Shift from Account based model to Key Figure based model in SAC-Planning)

NOTE: Will Keep updating this list!

BR, Prabhith

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Thanks for composing a great list. I would be interested if other community members have these same questions. So what does everyone think?

Senior Enterprise Architect
SAP Canada