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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!


Cleared SAP EA Certification

Hi Friends,I cleared the "SAP Enterprise Architect" certification on July 23rd.  My reflections on this exam were that it's well designed and on the harder side. Pay attention to the published pdf guide including the knowledge base articles that are ...

ehsgurp by Galactic 3
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Triggering SAP Events on AIF errors

I am working on a use case where I would like to either create an outbound SAP event when a SAP Inbound SOAP service (standard service) fails and/or if there is an error logged in AIF.Keep in mind that we do not have AIF customization licenses.#sap #...

Sapphire 2023 ASUG EA Pre Con Session

Starting this discussion thread - to share learnings, observations from today's Sapphire - ASUG 2023 - Pre Con session - SAP Enterprise Architecture Update – Resources, Tools, and Frameworks, for Digital Transformation -Inviting those who were able t...

VCUNTHEE by Galactic 1
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Blog approval time - Under Review

Hello,A blog article I wrote is still in the "under review" stage and has not yet been published. According to the several blog queries I've read, some blogs have been allowed in a matter of hours, while others take longer than 24.Is there a set of c...

EA's at Sapphire 2023

The annual pilgrimage is less than two weeks out in Orlando Florida and FREE to attend virtually.What are you looking forward to hearing about? The EA Pre-Conference session is sold out, but we still want to hear from you!We will followup after Sapph...

Tools for Capturing EA Artefacts

There are many tools out there for SAP EA's to capture content and artefacts from a business and technical perspective. Content includes process flows, data models, infrastructure diagrams, what ever is needed to tell the Enterprise Architecture stor...

Process mining and low-code

One of our customers is looking into several process mining such as Signavio, Celonis and UiPath. They are considering integrating it with a low-code platform (right now in consideration Appgyver, Pillir, and Mendix). Basically, they are looking to u...

gil100 by Galactic 2
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