Connect and collaborate with local peers in your regional SAP Community group in cities from across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa.

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If you are interested in connecting, networking, sharing and collaborating with others on a particular topic or interest, then joining a Group is for you! Within a Group, you may participate in discussions, share your insights and experiences, ask for input or feedback, get advice and guidance from fellow community members, engage and follow current events, and more. It’s a space for one-on-one conversations where you can easily connect and engage with others with similar interests.

As with everything else in the community, please follow the Rules of Engagement. If you have questions about SAP Community Groups, please visit the Help section.

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Connect and collaborate with local peers in your regional SAP Community group in cities across the A...

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Asia Pacific

This is the place to look for SAP Community user groups across the Asia Pacific region. Find your lo...

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Engage with peers across the globe or right next door. Join SAP Community groups from cities across ...

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O valor das comunidades de SAP

Qual a primeira coisa que você faz quando se depara com algo que não sabe?Busca no google uma resposta.E quando não acha uma resposta?Pergunta sobre o  assunto para alguém que você conhece.E se você não conhece ninguém?Aí você começa a entender o val...

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The next SAP Stammtisch Katowice

After the October's SAP Stammtisch, only memories and photos are left but the next meeting is coming soon! The next Katowice SAP Stammtisch will take place on Thu, Dec 15th. Please let us know if you will participate in Katowice SAP Stammtisch by cli...

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SAP Inside Track Barcelona 2022 Recap

Hi allAfter two years organizing the SAP Inside Track Barcelona event online, we were looking forward to  meeting again in person. This finally happened on Friday October 28th at the 6th edition of the SAP Inside Track Barcelona 2022 where more than ...

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SAP Teched 2022

SAP TechEd is calling all developers, tech visionaries, innovators, and leaders to join the event tomorrow and on 16th of Nov. For sure you will find sth interesting there! Registration is for free and you may participate virtually what is also the ...

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RedRays and BANA Acceleration

 Hello, My name is Vahagn, CTO of RedRays.The past Friday, 11 November, was the graduation day of the second batch's BANA acceleration. Here, I'd like to say big thanks to the BANA team. With the BANA team and mentors, we passed four months of an acc...

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日本語Q&Aコミュニティグループ Tokyo へようこそ

SAP コミュニティには 300万人のメンバーがいますが、なかなか日本語でQA投げても、構造的な問題でフォローされるケースが少ないです。その解決策として 日本語Q&Aコミュニティグループ Tokyo を立ち上げました。ルール上 Japan が使えないので、 Tokyo の名前になっていますが、都市の垣根、国の垣根を超えて日本語でコミュニケーションするグループです。https://groups.community.sap.com/ 右上のユーザアイコンから登録 (動画)ルールはSAP コミュニティ...

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masa_139 by Employee
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日本語Q&A ルール

この日本語Q&Aは SAPの中の人が回答する Q&Aではありません。SAPコミュニティメンバがお互いに助け合い、知識を高めるためのグループとなります。現在のローカルルールは3つです。 製品の不具合でSAPサポートへ報告するものは、このQ&Aではなく、インシデントを作成してください。SAP Support Portalローカルルールとして、その質問に至った背景を記述してください。質問の背景がわかると、回答する側も適切な回答ができます。例えば、自己勉強でチュートリアルをやっていて、ここが理解できない...


SAPowe wyjazdy z pracą zdalną

SAPowe wyjazdy z pracą zdalną - co Wy na to? Niedawno miałam takie rozkminy, że skoro już pracujemy zdalnie i czasem widujemy się na spotkaniach czy w biurze z ludźmi z SAPa, gdzie możemy na luzie przy kawie pogadać o SAPie i nie tylko - to czemu nie...

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what day is today?

“Chaos Never Dies Day” is celebrated every year on November 9 and officially acknowledges that we’re all living in chaos. Chaos is a state of confusion and disorder that we experience in our day-to-day lives. Organizing chaos is usually difficult, th...

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Hello Dallas group. I hope you’re doing well and getting ready for the start of the holiday season. I am writing this blog this week because next week, I will be in Las Vegas attending SAP Tech Ed. As we’re getting closer and closer to the end of 202...

SAP Tech Ed Watch Party

Hello Dallas fellowsSAP announced that they are asking local groups to see if anyone wants to host a watch party. Details belowHave you ever wanted to host a WATCH PARTY? SAP TechEd 2022 Is Your Chance to Do So!I would have hosted but I will be prese...

SAP Stammtisch Treffen am 28.11.2022 hybrid

Hallo zusammen,unser nächster Stammtisch (in deutsch) findet am 28.11.2022 ab 18:30 (vor Ort) bzw. 19:00 Uhr (virtuell) statt. Dadurch sind wir auch wieder offen für überregionale Gäste.Unsere derzeitige Agenda:- Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit zwis...

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SAP TechEd 2022

SAP Teched will take place this year on November 15-16 at The Mirage in Las Vegas.Teched is geared toward developers, tech visionaries, innovators and executivesRegistration is free. To register, you will need an SAP ID with which you can log in virt...


what day is today?

Today is celebrating the Plush Animal Lover's Day as well as the Frankenstein Friday. Have fun on the last Friday of October! Dziś obchodzony jest Dzień Miłośników Pluszaków oraz Dzień Frankensteina. Bawcie się dobrze w ten ostatni piątek październik...

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Welcome to the Dallas Group

Welcome to the Dallas group where we want to create a space for local sharing, collaboration, get together and bring awareness of SAP and fellowship with local people. My name is Sergio Guerrero and I have been working in SAP technology for about 10 ...


What day is today?

Today we celebrated the Katowice Sock Day. Those who were (still are) on SAP Stammtisch know what's about... Dziś obchodziliśmy Katowicki Dzień Skarpetki. Ci co byli (nadal są) na SAP Stammtisch wiedzą o co chodzi... 

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Quote of the Day

Thomas Edison said: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that. won't work."  Cytat dnia, to słowa Thomasa Edisona: „Nie poniosłem porażki, po prostu wymyśliłem 10 000 sposobów, które nie działają.”  

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What day is today?

Hi all, Today is the World Pasta Day celebrated. What kind of pasta do you eat in front of your computer monitor usually when looking for a bug in the code?   Cześć, Dziś obchodzony jest Światowy Dzień Makaronu. A Ty jaki makaron jesz przed monitorem...

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SAP CodeJam Lingen 13.12.2019

Date: 13.12.2019Location: LingenThe Theme: SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment and a litte bit of ABAP RESTful Programming ModelSome local History:Lingen (Ems) is a large independent town located in the district of Emsland and in the west of Lower S...

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