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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!


How You Spent Your Summer Vacation...

Hello, NSQ friends! Long time, no talk!With August just a day away, I got to wondering: How have our group members been spending their summertime so far?If you've gone on vacation, please tell us about it in the comments. (Bonus points for pictures!)...

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Meetup with Newtown Square peeps

@kartikdua great to meet for coffee today in NSQ and to see your behind the scenes set up with a terrific group of community folks and SAP experts. #sapchampion #sapmentor Looking forward to an April Stammtisch with everyone! More to come date, time ...

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Fly, Eagles, Fly!

It's almost SuperBowl weekend. What are your plans to watch the Eagles demolish the Chiefs this weekend? And how are you planning to celebrate the victory? (I don't recommend climbing poles or bus shelters, but I know Philly's gonna Philly...)


Impromptu Meet-Up -- Friday, February 10

I know it's short notice, but to help celebrate this newly launched Newtown Square group -- and take advantage of the fact that @craigcmehil is in town -- I'm trying to get a group together this Friday (February 10) after work.We can meet up at (roug...