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What topics (or SAP topics) do you have the most expertise in?


NSQ (localish) peeps! We are celebrating #communityspirit.

It would be great to learn about each of you and your SAP topics & professional expertise. It will be great to learn from each other and pick each other's brain.

SAP topics: I don't consider myself a highly 'technical' tech professional if that is a thing. I have experience in 'SAP runs SAP' of course (Concur, SFSF, ...😁) + enjoy learning/designing process to apply no-code | SAP Build. This is probably as technical as I'll get -- but it is becoming more pervasive so 'yay!!' we can all get involved!

Expertise: Customer and Partner relationship, influencer programs, communications, reporting & analytics are a few

Looking forward to hearing from others!

@kartikdua and @johna69 #sapchampions tag your it!!



My turn....

SAP Topics: I have had my hands in many pies from SAP Financials ABAP, BSP, WebDynpro, HANA, BTP, Mobility, IoT so I guess I would fall into the technical category. I love sharing and listening to others, and am a big fan of getting together in person.

Expertise: Once a developer always a developer. I love creating and building things, whether that be software or hardware. My current home project is a GPS tracker on the lawn mower that uses LoRa to report home.

@johna69 it sounds like the GPS is a good idea- your family can't lose you then!!

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hmm, interesting one! Let's see..

SAP Topics: SAP ECC, SAP Revenue Accounting & Reporting (SAP RAR), SAP Concur, Employee Central or Navigator, SAP BTP, SAP S/4HANA, Robotic Process Automation. Learning Low Code, No Code and Signavio. 

Expertise: Story Telling, Enabling Success, Connecting IT and Business, Abstract Thinking, Blogging, Mentoring/Coaching

There are few skills I am looking to "re-develop" or learn with a new outlook: Author, Influencer, Speaker

@kartikdua you are a real pro!! @jerryjanda you are next!!

Aww, thank you Stephanie. We are together a rock star and pro team! 😄 

@kartikdua well said!