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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!


Replay: Delve into the latest on ABAP

Did you catch the release of the replay video from SAP TechEd? Let's talk ABAP strategy. Hear from young talents and students about their thoughts and insights on the ABAP programming language. Afterwards, experience an interview with experts from S...

For the next TechEd I wish, I promise...

At the next SAP TechEd (live or remotely) I wish, promise:1) I'll meet my all community sap friends @mynynachau @Ygriega, @NilPeksen, etc ..2) I wish to get a lot of gadgets ...3) I'll go to get signed a TechEd t-shirt from all the All-Stars Develope...

SAP Teched Memories

What memories do you have of previous Techeds?   Is this your first one?  What are you looking forward to?Past Teched:Meeting people while sitting out in the "waiting" line.  I met more people that way.  They were all interesting.  I may not have kep...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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RAP vs. CAP vs. MTA

Asked in the global Chat of Chanel 1 By Kapil JainBut RAP is a tool for creating creating OData services with Fiori Annotations for ABAPCAP does much of the same functionality but in either Java or JavaScript and deployable to Kyma or Cloud FoundryAn...

Virtual or in person

Which do you like the most?I was surprised when I wrote everything down.  Not the things that are the same between the two.  Only the difference.VirtualComfort of my chairsCan go to a LOT of sessionsMore people can go to itFreeNo Travel24 hoursIn Per...

mcrapo by Galactic 5
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On-Stack Extensibility

Hi All,Any insights on On-Stack Extensibility? How is it different from In-App and Side-by-Side concepts? Is this extension already released for S4 Cloud customers?SAP Extension Suite 

Utkarsh by Galactic 1
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Tammy Powlas - Gain Insights from SAP Community

During her live session at SAP TechEd Channel 1 (which was excellent by the way) there were several questions. But @TammyPowlas  was live on air and couldn't answer them in the chat.  We wanted to capture these questions so they could live beyond the...

SAP TechEd Sneak Peek with Sally Eaves

I had the honor to chat with Sally this week to provide some insights into the SAP TechEd 2021 program. We touched on highlights, the structure but also on audiences interested in learning more about SAP.

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 08.23.24.png
grassl by Employee
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