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Is there a standard SAP ByD requirements gathering document for a Non-Profit Organization?

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hi Team

- is there any standard “SAP ByD for Non-Profit Organization document" that I can use as an SAP ByD Partner to gather information on the scope of work the end customer needs the system to do? A guide ByD questionnaire that we can share with a prospect in the NGO space, to allow us better understand their requirements from their response, generate a ByD scope of works

Let me know, Thank you, Brian

#Byd #NGO #SAPByd #NonForProfit



It would be best for you to ask your question here, this forum is more for the general off topic conversations.

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Thank you so much @craigcmehil for the advice - really appreciated.

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Go ahead and link your question from there here in case others need to find it 🙂