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SAP CodeJam
SAP CodeJam is a developer community focused event where you can check out specific SAP technology, platforms and tools through simple, end-to-end scenarios. The events are supported by SAP and led by SAP experts who will be onsite to guide you through the exercises, answer your questions, and share relevant insights and tips. SAP CodeJams are hands-on events where you need to bring your own machine and plan to spend between 5-6 hours learning, networking and collaborating.

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The ABAP CodeJam Group is the attendees’ and instructors’ central hub for exchanging thoughts and id...

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Activity in SAP CodeJam

Welcome to the SAP CodeJam ABAP Group!

Welcome to the SAP CodeJam ABAP Group. This page contains registration details and relevant links for individual SAP CodeJam ABAP events globally. SAP CodeJams are hands-on events and you must bring your own machine to participate in the hands-on exe...