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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!

Ask and Comment About the Community Platform and Migration


As mentioned in the A New Home in the New Year for the SAP Community post from @craigcmehil (head of the Community & Influencers team (of which I'm part)), the SAP Community Q&A and blogging content will migrate in December to the same environment as groups.community.sap.com. 

Craig's post gives details about the migration -- the reason for the change, what you can expect, how to prepare, and so on -- so I won't repeat all these details here. I will, however, encourage you to take a few moments to read his post (if you haven't yet), then come back. 

Got it? Good! 

Now that you've read the post, you can use this discussion thread to ask about the migration, share your thoughts about the move, and more! We want to know what you think and what additional information you require, so we can make sure we're helping you prepare for the change. 

Leave your comments below, and one of my colleagues or I will make sure to answer your questions. 

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Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I just read Craig's blog and added a comment about updating his SAP Community book: https://www.amazon.com/rough-grayscale-look-back-Recognition/dp/149293979X/

I hope things go well.


Thanks, Tammy! And I can't believe I'm just learning about this book... 🙂



Hi Jerry, 

My main problem with the current Q&A area is the editor. I can't wait to use the Khoros editor while answering the Community's questions around BTP. Should I expect anything new related to editor capabilities?

Also, on the Q&A area I see a lot of answers being given as comments. Will Khoros fix that somehow? 

Best regards,

Hi, Ivan:

I don't think Khoros offers anything new in terms of the editor capabilities, and this platform's Q&A also allows participants to leave Replies or Answers, so people will have to pay attention to what type of comment they're leaving (and we'll continue to educate them on how to use the platform).

There is a public Q&A already live here, if you'd like to check it out and see what you think: https://groups.community.sap.com/t5/human-experience-management-q-a/qa-p/hxm-qa-public.

Kind regards,


Galactic 4
Galactic 4

Is this the queue for bug reports, or is there another channel? I'd think general comments and observations go here but stack dumps elsewhere. As they say in conference Q&A, this is more of a comment than a question.

Hi, @jspath10 :

For now, if you find a bug, please feel free to report it here.


Ah, fine.

My former account here now shows "UserName Placeholder for UXP-4318" instead of whatever nom de plume preceded. (which I read in David Bowie's voice singing TVC-15).


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Hi, Jim;

I'll try to find an explanation. In the meantime, please let me know whether you went through the merging/UID process. (I think that after you do that, and log out and in again, the issue might resolve itself, but I'm reaching out to colleagues who know a bit more about SAP profiles.)


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Hi, Jim:

Just so I'm clear: You went through the merge process (https://community.sap.com/resources/information-about-account-merge) -- not just profile linking? You used https://consolidation.community.sap.com/?continue to associate https://people.sap.com/jim.spath with your primary account?

The issue is that https://people.sap.com/jim.spath was an inactive s-user account that had been marked for deletion. In some cases, these profiles still show up with those odd names. 

Since it hasn't been deleted though, you can still merge it...if you haven't already. If you have, could you please send me a screenshot showing that the profile is merged with your primary account via SAP Universal ID? I can then forward to IT to see what might have gone wrong.




Galactic 6
Galactic 6

This is not a bug but a comment.

I am sorry to report that the SAP Passport doesn't work with the community any more.  It wasn't promised but would have made things easier.