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SAP Community - Where are you from?


SAP Community keeps growing and growing and I am super excited for this Welcome Corner as it gives the chance for not only new members but everyone to get to know one another and connect with each other.

As my colleague @Katherine_K gives an overall introduction to the Group and what you can expect from it in her blog post, I’d like to take the opportunity to start a discussion about the different locations represented in our global SAP Community. I am interested to read where you are located and where SAP Community is spread around the world.

I am from Germany and currently living in Wiesbaden, which is the capital of one of the sixteen German states located in the west. After years of studies and living in different places, my hometown has caught me again with its charm and the closeness to friends and family has won me over.

But now I am curious, where are you tuning in from?

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Welcome everyone! 
I am also from Germany, currently living in Mannheim.
I grew up in an ancient, medieval town called Rothenburg o.d.Tbr., which is about 2 hours from Mannheim. I came here for studying at uni and still like it here. Mannheim is quite an industrial city, but I like the multicultural vibe. It has a beautiful baroque palace and one special thing about it is the structure of its inner city, which is build in squares. So one can literally live in M7, 16 (just for instance). 

Hi I am Monika from CIC India and will be writing blogs about SAP products.


I am from Biberach

From Bangalore, India

Hi Pranav,

Nice to meet you 🙂 
Have you seen the new Bengaluru group at SAP Community? if not, join and continue the conversation there 🙂
Bengaluru - SAP Community Groups



I am Rahul from SAP Gurugram office in India.

Looking forward to contributing in the SAP commerce space.

Rahul Bhagat

Welcome @rbhagat ! Please be sure to check out the topic page for SAP Commerce Cloud and the related tag where you can interact with others interested in the same topics, answer open questions and read great blog posts.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assitance.



Hi this is Vasu from SAP America and will be writing blogs about SAP products.

From Bangalore too.

Hi Pranav,

This is Abhishek Goyal from Gurugram, India.


Hi, I am also from Bangalore

i am from Pforzheim near Stuttgart

Hi, I am from Spain

Hi all, I am from Greece, currently living in Mannheim. 

Hi, I am from Mumbai, I will be posting on SAP Ariba

Hi Monika, our group SAP Women in Tech - SAP Community Groups might be interesting to you. We'd love to welcome you to our community 😊

Hi I am Anshul from India and will be writing blogs about SAP products.

Hi Akash

Hi everyone,

I'm from Mannheim, Germany and I'm looking forward to contributing to SAP Community.

Hi @arminfarmani - #teammannheim says 👋🏽 Glad to see more and more Mannheimer joining this group - warm welcome!

Hello and welcome @DamianJ! Maybe you've already joined one of our Polish Groups? You could connect with some people locally there! Hope you enjoy your time in SAP Community - let us know in case you have questions.

Please feel free to upload a profile photo or avatar as well.

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Hi I am oblomov from germany!

Hi, I am from Leipzig, Germany.

Welcome @MRoedel !!

Don't forget to also check out our location-based Groups, we encourage members to check back regularly to see if there is a Group set up for a city near them! Helps to get connected to others in your area.

Don't forget to click on "Join" in your favourite Groups for a better interactive experience as a Group Member!


I'm from Korea

Hello there, 

I'm from Kolkata, India. I have been doing SAP technical consulting with many clients around the globe and currently located in Pune, India. Lately, I realized the urge of contributing back to the community which has always been a treasure trove. 

Very nice!


I am from India. I was born in Sonipat, Haryana which is adjacent to Delhi(capital of India) .

Hi Utkarsh @utkarsh_goel 

Happy Diwali! I am glad to know you are based out of Haryana. We would like to invite you for a free of cost Stammtisch PLUS meet-up organized for fellow community members from Gurgaon/NCR, scheduled for this Friday at SAP Gurgaon office. We are all very excited to connect in person after a long time with fellow community members from the Gurgaon/NCR region.

To check the agenda and to register, please follow this link to book your seat  - SAP Stammtisch PLUS - Gurgaon Tickets, Fri, Oct 28, 2022 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite

Event Blog - SAP Community Gurgaon/NCR – Upcoming Meet Ups   | SAP Blogs

Looking forward to meeting you this Friday to meet and greet, chit chat, exchange ideas, and start to curate the upcoming meet-ups with fellow community members. 

Best Regards

Ahsan (SAP Community Group - Gurgaon/NCR)

Hi @utkarsh_goel 

SAP Community Members are meeting up this Friday in Gurgaon. Interested to join us? Please check out to know about this event and register for free  SAP Stammtisch + Gurgaon/NCR | SAP Blogs

Best Regards,


Hi Everyone, I am Naveen joining into SAP community from TamilNadu, India

Thank you! I am glad to be here. My name is Oluwaseun Ayanyemi from Nigeria and I am looking forward to learning, writing blogs, connecting with people, and sharing ideas. 

Hi Oluwaseun, our group SAP Women in Tech - SAP Community Groups might be interesting to you. We'd love to welcome you to our community 😊



I am Praveen from India.

Hi everyone, my name is Angelo Mehmeti and I am located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

This is Vaibhav and it is really nice to this community along with efforts from SAP for people to introduce themselves with other members.
Once again it is very nice to meet everyone.
Have a nice day!