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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!


Do you write blogs?

Hello Fellow Community members, I'm starting this discussion trail for anyone who wishes to share their blog link here can do so by commenting below. I'll put by blog's link in the first comment. Also, people who like reading can also feel free to co...

Community Showcase Badges?

I see that several folks have a Community Showcase Badges bar on their posts.  Is this something that is in a trial phase or is it something anyone can do?  If so, how do I create this?An example from Craig Cmehill is:-Dell

DellSC by Galactic 4
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Global Running Day with SAP Community

Global Running Day is a worldwide celebration of running that encourages people of all ages and abilities to get physically active. This day plays an important role, reminding us of the positives that running can offer and the power of unification (w...

GRD_generic banner.png global-running-day-badge.png global-running-day.png

Favorite coffee?

Hi all!Today I was thinking about traveling and the amazing coffee I had on my last trip way back in 2019. My sister and I traveled from the US to four cities in Europe. We landed in Wroclaw then headed to Budapest from Budapest to Vienna, and Vienna...


My favorite place is ... because...

 Hello Everyone,Today I would like to invite you to a very special journey. The places where we will go will be defined by imagination and stories of your favorite places around the world. In my opinion a favorite place can be anywhere. I think what ...

Oshbolivia.jpg Oshboliviamountains.jpg

DMC and Mii

DMC is the new SAP MES approach, but and about Mii? There is no more news about Mii, is possible that Mii will be replaced by DMC? DMC is a complete MES solution, with direct integration with Shop Floor, and Mii is just a development environment.DMC ...

JarleiN by Galactic 1
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Recipe cards globalization

I recently posted about my efforts to capture multiple languages/character sets in a personal recipe file. Now that I'm preparing to print (or produce PDFs) of the recipes, it occurred to me that the sizes in my region are "Imperial", so there are 3 ...

jspath10 by Galactic 4
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Arbor Week: one click = one tree!

We celebrate Arbor Week this week! During the next 5 days, SAP is helping our climate by planting trees. All you have to do is to publish OR like OR follow OR comment on OR reply to any piece of community content and SAP will plant 1 tree on your beh...

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Community SMP Minecraft Server

Fabric 1.18.2 Server (Java Edition) Using multiple Datapacks, crafting Tweaks and Resources from VanillaTweaks. As well as a custom resource pack. You can connect using the standard Vanilla Java client or you can use the Fabric Java client. Using th...